Knowing the Standard Kitchen Cabinet Dimensions to Design Your Kitchen Accordingly

Do you want to know what the standard cabinet dimensions are so that you can plan your layout? Read this post!

Average Kitchen Cabinets Dimensions Gallery

Average Kitchen Dimensions Gallery

Most people pay a lot of attention to the designing of kitchens since they typically turn out to become family where everyone gathers for meals. Designing a kitchen comes with the responsibility of planning the layout of the kitchen and also figuring out positioning of the refrigerator, and other such along with the placement of kitchen cabinets. In order to ensure proper placement you need to know the dimensions.

Once you know the standard kitchen cabinet dimensions, you can design your kitchen accordingly, saving you the time and money that goes into customizing kitchen cabinets.

Restored Kitchen Cabinets Photos

Restored Kitchen Cabinets Photos

Base kitchen cabinet dimensions are generally in the range of a depth of 24 inches and a height of 34 – 42 inches. These dimensions do differ depending on the design on the kitchen cabinets, their positioning and placement. If you place a countertop, then the cabinet base will be increased to about 36 inches. It is possible to adjust the height of the cabinets in case you are tall and do not want to be stooping too low in order to reach out for things. At a depth of 24 inches, it is easy for everyone to reach into the cabinet for things.

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Kitchen cabinets dimension inspiration images

Kitchen cabinets dimension inspiration images

As is the case with base cabinets, the kitchen cabinet dimensions for wall cabinets also generally are standard. The height of most wall cabinets differs due to their positioning and the average range of height is between12 – 42. The depth of these cabinets is normally maintained at 12 – 13 inches. If you are hanging you wall cabinet above a kitchen countertop then you would normally need to place it almost 54 inches from the floor and if it is hanging above the stove then it needs to be at least 24 inches higher than where the stove is placed. This is extremely important to prevent any mishaps in the kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinet Sizes Pictures

Depending on the area of your kitchen, you may need to alter kitchen cabinet dimensions to make sure they fit in perfectly. If you have spaces in between, you can use a decorative element known as filler that is a smooth board like structure. You can use these spaces to function as shelve with a pull out door. While selecting the design for kitchen cabinets try and think of kitchen designs that are not run-of-the-mill. Do not let the kitchen cabinet dimensions that are prevalent as a standard in the market limit your creativity and design skills.

Kitchen Cabinet Dimensions