Learning the Importance of Trundle Bed Plans and How to Build Trundle Beds Yourself

Want to know how to build a trundle bed? Well, these trundle bed plans are the perfect solution.

Cape Cod Wood Trundle Bed Design

Wood Trundle Bed Design

There have been many instances when guests have landed at your door step unannounced and now there’s problem for them to stay and rest. It really becomes very embarrassing when you can’t offer your guests a decent sleeping space. It’s necessary that it provides you with comfort and also saves you space and one of the best options for your home are trundle beds. It is not necessary that you have to purchase, you can make your own, with good trundle bed plans.

So let’s learn how to make a trundle bed with these trundle bed plans.

Learning the Importance of Trundle Bed Plans and How to Build Trundle Beds Yourself

White twin trundle bed design

Before beginning the process of making the trundle bed it is important that you first imagine what your trundle bed would look like. You can compare the trundle bed with a cartoon in which the mouse sleeps in a drawer. Trundle beds are just the same but they are big . It’s a perfectly measured wooden box on wheels that can hold a mattress.

Trundle bed kids room furniture gallery

Trundle bed furniture gallery

The design of your bed has to be simple. You can use a 1 by 8 inch board or even a bigger inch, if it suits your trundle bed plans. Now you have to attach a bottom to your frame which is made from 3 by 4 inch plywood. Now screw in 4 wheels or appliance at the bottom so that your trundle bed can be movable.

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According to your trundle bed plans, the bed should be able to fit underneath the main bed. So it’s very necessary to take the height of the main bed into consideration. Make sure there’s enough space between the two beds so that the trundle bed can come out and go in smoothly.

Trundle Bed Captains Bed Plans Gallery

Trundle Bed Captains Bed Plans Gallery

There’s a different kind of satisfaction when you want to build up a trundle bed yourself. The main aim of building a trundle bed yourself is that you get to choose from a range of styles and varieties, and you get yourself great bedroom furniture.

Trundle Bed Plans