Luxurious Captain Beds Design For Furniture Kids Bedroom Ideas

The captain beds have long been a favorite for many reasons.

Captain beds furniture bedroom in green wall themed

Captain beds in green wall themed

Usually captain beds made of good hardwood and sturdy, it stands the test of time. One of the first beds to have a built in bookcase in the headboard, it quickly became the choice of many families. Traditionally, the bed had storage drawers under it, a self-contained storage unit with sleeping space. The headboard provides storage for books, favorite magazines or comics, a niche for anything special, perhaps a child’s favorite stuffed toy or picture of their family.

Now with the option of adding a trundle bed under the captain beds, it becomes a perfect extra sleeping space, while being completely out of the way.

white captain bed girls room ideas

white captain bed girls room ideas

Depending on your needs, this bed offers it all. The bookcase headboard, always useful for adults or kids, with the storage drawers if that are most needed works well. Now that there is the option to have the trundle bed tucked under the Captain beds, the extra bed is there, out of the way, made up and ready for its occupant.

Summer Breeze Full Size Captain's Bed

Summer Breeze Full Size Captain’s Bed

A vantage of captain beds over Bunk Beds is that with a trundle bed beneath, it is much easier and safer for toddlers. Many may have two toddlers and they need to share a room. With the captain beds, they can share the reinforced ins in the bookcase headboard for their special night blanket or toy, and get easy into either the bed or the trundle beneath without climbing. For sleepovers the trundle is a safe bed, low to the floor, and fit under the mattress just like a regular twin bed for small toddlers.

Captain Bed with Drawers Ideas

Captain Bed with Drawers Ideas

With captain beds, a child can have their things close by without having to get in and out of bed for each book or toy they may want to snuggle down with for the night.

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Captain Beds