Modern Living Room Floor Tiles to Provide Higher Style in Interior Design

-If you think of the design of a dream apartment, tiles are not exactly the first thing that comes to mind. But you should not underestimate this element of the interior. Sometimes it is enough to use bathroom or tiles to get a renovated and super modern look. This saves a lot of resources and time. Have you become curious? Stay with us and we will convince you with further arguments from the truth of our thesis. We give you some great examples of modern living room floor tiles, which illustrate the variety in materials, shapes and colors, as well as installation types.

Modern Living Room Floor Tiles

Glamorous living room ceramic floor tiles colored decorative cushions

Modern living room floor tiles are the perfect flooring option for in the living area

Modern Living Room Floor Tiles

Living room tiled flooring floor gray carpet relax chair decor

Modern living room floor tiles in cream color

Modern Living Room Floor Tiles

Living room cream color flooring

The neutral nuances are basically a trend in floor tiles. If you want to have a gentler look, you should opt for cream colors. They create a very modern space and allow a lot of space for original combinations. If you choose floor tiles in cream color, a simple carpet would be enough for you to achieve perfect comfort.

Tiles in cream color are simple and therefore functional

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Modern living room floor tiles from ceramics in different colors

Ceramic tiles are a classic choice for flooring. They also do not really get out of fashion, because they are always up-to-date. But what they can do in the sense of a more modern facility is to think of different exciting color combinations. For a stylish and very elegant look we recommend the combination of monochrome shades. Black and white is a well-functioning classic. You can interpret them differently thanks to the use of different textures.

Floor tiles look particularly chic in brown

Modern Living Room Floor Tiles

Living room tiles ceramic floor brown elegant striped carpets long curtains

Gray on gray

Gray is the new black in the interior design. Several layers of this color are a wonderful idea also for the living room design. The can provide more shine and possibly a mirroring effect. You can also add additional patterns and textures to the decor.

Gray colors is also trendy with the design

Modern Living Room Floor Tiles

Living room tiled fireplace gray tiles open plan

Sandstone color

On tiles one can put many different prints. The strategy with the imitation of natural materials has proven to be very practical. The imitation of sandstone is one of the most popular variants. It works wonderfully in combination with furniture and walls in brown or other natural shades.


If you are at home for floor tiles decide you can also draw inspiration from the Mediterranean world. There is the tradition for the application of this longest. It takes artistic forms. Tiles that mimic mosaic are an example of this.

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Floor tiles in an industrial style

The floor tiles are a universal decision as far as the furnishing style is concerned. They fit virtually anywhere and to everything. In an industrial living room floor tiles would also be very suitable. At the same time, we would revert to neutral nuances or shades like gray, white or black.

Tiles in gray fit great in an industrial space

Modern Living Room Floor Tiles

Modern flooring living room gray floor stone wall

Achieve a seamless appearance in your living room with the floor tiles

The seamless appearance is also a very modern variant. Choose large tiles in neutral colors, which also match with the walls and ceiling wonderfully. This gives you a uniform look that can serve you like a blank canvas for many different styles.

Provide a strong contrast

The modern living room floor tiles are also a wonderful approach if you want to reach a room in great contrast. This is by the choice of the colors. This would certainly be the most obvious solution, but it is not the only one. They can also provide a contrast by selecting the texture and character of the surface.

Colored tiles give the living room a can of liveliness

Modern Living Room Floor Tiles

Living room tile flooring plants fireplace white walls

Tiles may not be your first choice. But believe us, with the right touches you can do exactly what you are looking for when renovating or redesigning the apartment. The matching modern living room floor tiles invigorate the space and lend it its own character and specific aura. By choosing tiles, you can make life easy because you do not have to invest a lot of effort in the care after installation and installation.