Modern Living Rooms – Creative Suggestion when Decorating Living Room

The best way to create modern living rooms is to plan an uncluttered look with bigger, clean-lined furnishings rather than many small pieces.

Too many details, such as trims, edgings and borders, tend to work against making modern looking room. You should use the biggest furniture and accent pieces that suit the scale of your modern living rooms. Having clear with maximum of three main colors in addition to neutrals can help create modern look.

While it is possible to use more than three main colors when making modern living rooms, too many different shades can detract from the look.

Modern rooms should make a creative impact, so both pattern and color should be carefully planned. Whereas small or medium printed fabrics of different types such as floral, stripes and checks are often combined in traditional or country style living rooms, larger prints in a limited amount make a more modern statement.

Creative artwork is ideal in modern living rooms, yet the same principle of a larger size and limited number of pieces applies. While cluster of small pictures or mirrors may work in modern space, it is usually only works on an accent wall rather than above a sofa. The concept of an accent wall, whether it displays artwork or is painted a solid , is important when making a modern .

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Of course, the furniture you use should be modern rather than traditional or country in style. Clean, geometrical lines with glass and metal really make modern living rooms possible. If you prefer , this if fine if you keep to non-detailed pieces. A lot of carving and fussy details don’t express a modern look. Seating should be detail-free and as large as possible to suit the room size.

Modern Living Rooms