Most Important Things to Consider when Creating Reading Rooms

If you love books, and you have an extra room in your house, why not turn it into Reading Rooms where you can read comfortably?

modern reading room black and white bookshelf design

modern reading room black and white

If you’ve ever sat and wondered what to do with an empty room, you’ve probably at least thought about turning it into a reading room. Maybe your kids moved out, but you are not quite ready to downsize, or maybe you’re just looking to redesign a room for something new. Either way, Reading Rooms are great way to use an extra room in your home, and can end up being a true sanctuary for you in which you can enjoy a good book, or even a radio program, in comfort.

Reading Rooms

colorful and fresh bookshelf reading room ideas

colorful and fresh bookshelf reading

awesome reading room design with fireplace ideas

awesome reading room design with fireplace ideas

Since Reading Rooms are mostly for relaxation, start by choosing a good paint color. Avoid harsh or bright colors, and instead choose something that is relaxing and soothing. Then, surround yourself with things that make you comfortable. A or two are great additions to reading rooms. You may also want to put all of your bookshelves into the room so you can easily find the book you want to read.

Because you want a where you do not have to worry about distractions, it is best if you keep your computer elsewhere. Otherwise, you may find yourself drawn to the computer to check your social networking sites or email. Similarly, you want to keep televisions out of your reading room. You may not want to include more than a few seating options, since this is to be your , not your family’s . You do not want to include a bed to make it a guest room area as well. This will take away from your relaxation.

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The most important thing to consider, however, is what makes you comfortable. If you really like bright, red walls, then go for it. If you would rather have a sofa than a reading chair, so be it. The great thing about designing reading rooms is that you get to decide for yourself what you want in it. Just make sure it will be your retreat from the distractions of the world.

Reading Rooms