Natural Beauty Travertine Tiles Bring the Warm Elegance to Your Bathroom

Travertine tiles lend a sense of warmth and permanence to your bathroom walls, backsplash, counter tops and floors.

Luxury design travertine bathroom tiles ideas

Luxury design travertine bathroom tiles ideas

Travertine is a natural choice for bathrooms, where surfaces must be water-resistant yet attractive and durable. Ever since the Romans, this softly textured, richly hued form of limestone has been used in interior bathing areas. Travertine tiles are available in earthy colors ranging from , gray and white to rich brown, coffee and gold. Imported travertine brings the warm elegance of this natural stone to your master bath, or powder room.

Travertine tiles in pale cream or white create a natural and light in a smaller bathroom.

Travertine tile small bathroom design

small bathroom design

When you’re choosing a tiling material for a bathroom, consider your intended use of the tile as well as its color, texture and sheen. On a bathroom floor, a material with a slightly rough texture helps prevent dangerous skidding if the floor gets wet. Naturally textured travertine tiles has a rugged, reassuring grip underfoot, so you won’t have to worry about slipping when you step out of the shower or tub.

travertine bathroom

The colors and textures of travertine tiles make this stone a highly adaptable material in bathroom design. If you’re trying to achieve a rugged, masculine decor, consider lining your shower or , walls or floors with unfilled travertine in shades of slate or coffee. In a master bath or powder room with a more feminine decorating scheme, try filled gold or cream travertine for a rich, luxurious glow.

stylish travertine bathroom tile ideas

stylish travertine bathroom tile ideas

The versatile textures and hues of travertine can complement warm or cool color palettes in a bathroom. Cream, gold or brown travertine tiles evoke the classic warmth of an Italian or French interior. Gray, slate or white travertine lends itself to a cool, contemporary minimalism.

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