Plantation Style Homes – How to Provide New Look to Your Home


Plantation Style Homes

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Thinking of giving a new look to your home? If so, then why not opt ​​for a look that makes you feel as if you and your family are on vacation! Plantation Style Homes decorating ideas is what gives a casual look to your home. This article provides ideas to give new look to your home.

There are different styles of decoration of the house. You have many choices when looking for a way to decorate your home. One of them is the style plantation. It’s inspired by French and English settlers who had moved to the West Indies in the 17th and 18th century. We all love the holidays and decorating style of the house gives your home an appeal relaxed, friendly and on vacation. Looking colonial style for your home can be easily achieved by keeping certain things in mind. Here are some ideas that can change your Plantation Style Homes in a vacation spot.

Decorating Ideas for Plantation Style Homes


Color your walls with earth tones, sand, sea and sky. Blue, green, light brown, beige and neutrals like cream and white can be used for wall color. The use of soft colors go well with dark furniture that is characteristic of the interior decorating for plantation style homes.

Floor covering

The wood floors give a warm home and comfortable look. In addition to wood floors, flooring accessories such as woven rugs and antique rugs looking at you can be used to create a Plantation Style Homes look.


Use stutters plantation style on your windows to give the planting of appearance. You can also use curtains match the windows, which are a cheaper option, to give the desired look. Remember to match the color of the shutters with the color scheme you follow to the new look. Blinds with antique finish can also be used to style the windows.


Mere change in the regular ceiling fans can help you develop a plantation-style look to your home. Ceiling fans with blades or rattan palm can be used.


An important contribution to the appearance of the house is the furniture. Colonial Interior application specific type of furniture that gives a look at your home. teak wood furniture, wood or dark can be used. Cane furniture is another option to give the appearance of plantation style homes. Do not forget to put an oversized chair in the corner of a room. It will add to the beauty of your home. Dark wood canopy bed may be a good choice in the beds.


Light colored fabrics can be used for cushion covers. Fabrics such as cotton and silk gauze in place.


What better way to invest in a beautiful work of art that can improve the appearance of the room? You can use postcards and antique works of art that contains trees. This will give a holiday atmosphere in your home. Palm paintings and mirrors of various shapes and sizes with silver frames can add a charming appeal to your home.

Flowers and Accessories

If you like to put fresh flowers in your home, orchids and lilies should be your choice. The flowers give a fresh feel to the room and create positive energy. They help to lighten the mood and make you feel good! Use baskets and mats to add to the planting of call. You can also enter a strategically huge wooden basket or wooden box that can be used to store things.

There are many other styles of decoration of the plantation style homes. It is up to you the idea and decorate your house accordingly. Decorations can be expensive. So before starting to buy things to decorate your home, list all the elements needed for decoration. Calculate how much you need to take the most of your purse to bring change. In this way, decorating your home will not be heavy on your pocket.

After going through this article, it is believed that the plantation style homes decor is your choice, go ahead and paint your dream home!

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