Powder Rooms – Various Factors to Consider when Choosing the Best Powder Rooms

Given that it’s small space to work with, powder rooms are hard to decorate.

Exotic framed traditional powder room with cool wallpaper

Often referred to as half bath, powder rooms is small bathroom which constitutes only and toilet. It normally serves the purpose of guest bathroom and is generally located on the first floor of the house, so as not to invade the privacy of the host. In any case, decorating small bathrooms seems like task, and since conventionally powder rooms are small spaces, the decoration of this space seems even tougher. I’m guessing few tips regarding the same would be good powder rooms idea right about now.

Let’s go over some powder rooms decorating ideas for you.

Picking color scheme for powder rooms is good start. Good color choices for modest spaces like these belong to the extremes! On one hand, you could work with combination of like white, blue, green, yellow. This will help you maintain calm and casual look in the given powder rooms area. On the other hand, you could work with deep colors like red, brown or orange, for rich and warm look. Team colors from both category with colors like pearl, ivory, and beige or off white, and you’re guaranteed look that will work wonders.

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When choosing accessories for powder rooms, keep it minimal. Really great way to start for sure is mirror. The reflective look is definitely an added benefit. Creating an illusion of space will undoubtedly be better than harm. Other additions that you can get creative with are things like the towel rings and perhaps even the soap dispenser. Having box of tissue and little thrash can is also good idea. When you are entertaining guests, little add-on that can be thrown in are flowers. It’ll very subtly help liven up the place.

Your choice of sink for powder rooms should be in accordance with the first two factors, i.e., color scheme and flooring. Pick sink that looks good with both. Again, the material matters just as much as anything else. While you have options like glass, marble, , etc., to choose from, you have to ensure that it will not clash with the rest of the materials. Imagine an all wood look with sink in the middle of it all.

All said and done, interior decoration is all about play of color and textures. Try your hand at variety of things before you zero in on one specific idea. As long as it consists that much required panache, your decorating ideas will not fail you.

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