Romantic Dining Room: Simplest Way to Have Romantic Dinner

Who would not love to have a romantic dinner every night of the week? I’ll show you how with this Romantic Dining Room design.

Romantic dinner inspiration images

Furniture for a romantic dining room should be ornate in style, resembling pieces from the Victorian Era. The pieces you select should have dark such as cherries and mahoganies. Select blacks and dark reds if the pieces are painted. Any ornate dark wood dining table works for this design, if it has extra details such as claw feet that would be a plus. On the other hand, bringing more in ornate designs with the chairs, such as can add a sense of elegance.

If you have extra money and extra space you can include a sofa, settee or a couple wing chairs to add a seating area in your romantic dining room, when choosing fabrics go with dark browns, reds and gold with ornate designs.

When choosing a wall color for romantic dining room design deep reds, purples, gold will keep with the romantic ambiance. This is one of the only designs that I would also recommend going with a wall paper, but choose one with a more simplistic design and deep colors as to not overwhelm the room with too much pattern.

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Gold and other jewel toned window panels balance all the in the room to make sure the space does not feel like a cave. The window hardware should be ornate and playful. Start off by choosing a jewel toned table cloth. Dress up your normal plate settings with napkins, chargers and decorative .

Oriental rugs work wonderfully in romantic dining room; they bring a sense of elegance and formality, when selecting a rug find one with blacks and dark reds in the design.

Romantic Dining Room