Rooftop Terrace Gardens: The Best Way To Incorporate Natural Elements Into Modern Designed Building

Evenings are lit up by the warm yellow lights hidden under the planters – relax on peaceful gardens.

small gardens in roof terrace design

small gardens in roof terrace design

As towns grow ever-taller, gardens get ever-smaller and ever-shadier. But everyone needs private access to an outdoor space and the conversion of an attic into rooftop terrace gardens is a great solution. Note how the roof is shading part of the space: this can give protection from sun or rain. The plastic garden furniture is basic but has the great advantage of being stackable.

For those living in urban high-rise apartments and homes, rooftop terrace gardens is a seamless way to incorporate into a modern designed building by inverting the idea of traditional modern landscape.

small garden balcony roof plants design

small garden balcony roof design

Many modern terrace gardens showcase only green-colored shrubbery, creating a clean and appealing contrast between touches of like vegetation and an urban backdrop.  For any modern outdoor garden, floor paneling, plant trellises, and outdoor furniture are areas in which natural elements can be further incorporated into a terrace garden.

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roof terrace garden plants gallery

roof terrace gallery

How can you not enjoy roof terrace gardens complete with hardwood planks, stonewall, and specifically placed plants in order to gravitate you to the best possible views of the city? This roof is contemporary with the bold shapes of the planters, the long lines of the hardwood, but it is also classic and easy to maintain design.

Rooftop Terrace Gardens: The Best Way To Incorporate Natural Elements Into Modern Designed Building

Exotic roof terrace garden design

Rather than creating a modern landscape design, in which man made materials like concrete and metal are integrated into existing exterior landscapes, modern terrace gardens bring the softness and lush colors of naturally occurring materials and plants into a stationary, modern-designed space. These finished exterior spaces offer wonderfully unique perspectives of any city by re-contextualizing urban-situated residences.

Rooftop Terrace Gardens