Several Common Materials Which You Can Use To Make Cube Bookcases

Cube bookcases are a style of shelving unit on which books are generally stored, though other items can be kept in the bookcase as well.

Contemporary Asymmetrical Cube Bookcase Gallery

Contemporary Asymmetrical Gallery

The characteristic style of the cube bookcases is indicated by its difference from traditional bookcases, which feature wide shelves that are usually enclosed or semi-enclosed. Instead of wide shelves, cube bookcases feature square cubes, or , for storage of books. Some of these bookcases are modular, allowing a user to change the configuration of the cubes for a different aesthetic.

Wood, metal, and plastic can all be used to make cube bookcases, and each material will create a different aesthetic as well as a different level of stability.

wooden storage cube bookcase images

wooden bookcase images

Wood bookcases are perhaps the most popular, and the type of wood used can vary. The cube bookcases can be made from individual wood cubes that are stacked and secured upon each other, or the bookcase may be one solid unit that features several cubes built into the fixed frame. The style, shape, and size of the unit can vary by manufacturer as well as the consumer’s needs.

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Modern Plastic Cube Bookcase Gallery

Metal cube bookcase models are less common, though they do exist. These cubes are often just as strong, if not stronger, than wood bookcases, depending on what type of metal is used. Many people choose metal over wood primarily for aesthetic reasons, though in or workshops, a metal shelf may be a better choice for added durability.

Ameriwood 9-Cube Storage Cube Bookcases Design

Ameriwood 9-Cube Storage Cube Bookcases Design

Plastic bookcases are usually reserved for light-duty applications. They can be seen in or bedrooms in which only a limited amount of books or other items will be stored. Plastic cube bookcases is inexpensive and reasonably attractive, though it is not as strong as wood or metal and will generally not last as long as these other materials. They are great for temporary storage purposes or for storing lightweight objects and fewer books.

Cube Bookcases