Several Considerations to Help You Purchasing the Right Solar Garden Fountains

So you’re considering purchasing solar garden fountains for your home? Here, the tips for you!

Boy and girl style solar garden fountain design

Boy and girl style solar design

With hundreds of shapes, sizes colors and styles to choose from picking the right fountain for your garden can be confusing and difficult. Your first consideration will probably be your budget. The good news is that excellent quality solar garden fountains can be purchased for under a $100.00. Most of these models are purchased as single units that can be un-boxed and placed in your garden immediately with the addition of a of course.

A second consideration for your solar garden fountains will probably be function. Thinking about what you want to achieve with your fountain will help you choose the right style and type of fountain.

Outdoor bronze boy garden fountain with solar light

Outdoor bronze boy garden fountain with solar light

Is your goal to draw wildlife to your garden? If the answer is yes then consider one of the many ‘’ solar fountains available. Birds adore the running water as do many beneficial insects like bees and butterflies. A solar type fountain is among the most inexpensive of all of the solar garden fountains and by far the easiest to ‘install’. These fountains also use very little water and with the addition of to power your fountain they are the most inexpensive to operate.

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Cute garden fountain solar powered ideas

Size is often dictated by the budget and in turn size will often dictate where you want to place your solar garden fountain. Think of your fountain as an accessory to your garden or patio. Just like accessories in your home, they need to be sized to be noticed, but not to overwhelm. And like accessories, garden fountains can be collected over time and showcased in different parts of your garden and/or patio and deck areas. Consider breaking up your garden into smaller vignettes and featuring a different solar fountain in each area.

Antique Bronze Cascade Solar Garden Fountain Picture

Antique Bronze Cascade Solar Garden Fountain Picture

I hope this article has given you some good ideas and tips for choosing solar garden fountains for your home. For more ideas click on the links to the right to view some of the more popular solar fountains available. And stay tuned in for future articles I will be talking to you about creating solar fountains from existing materials and caring for your solar fountain. Who knows? We might even build a solar fish pond together.

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