Several Factors to Consider when Choosing the Best Cottage Sofas

Cottage tends to be small dwelling, which means cottage sofas you choose will first and foremost need to fit well in the space.

Raymond Waites Couture Alexandria Cottage Sofas Design

Raymond Waites Couture Cottage Sofas Design

Take of the living space to help determine how large of cottage sofas you can fit there, and think carefully about how many people are likely to use the sofa at once. If only one or two people will use the unit at any given time, two-person sofa may be appropriate for the space, but if your family is larger or you expect more guests, look for three-person cottage sofas or larger.

Once you have determined what size of cottage sofas you need for your space, think about the materials you would like the unit to be made from.

Wall Design Ideas with White Cottage Sofa Image

Wall Design Ideas with White Cottage Sofa Image

If you want the look of leather but don’t want to pay the price, you may be able to get faux-leather cottage sofas that looks similar to leather but is far less expensive. Try to choose sofa that is consistent with the existing aesthetic of the cottage; if the sofa already has mission-style furniture, for example, Victorian style may not fit well.

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french camelback cottage sofa gallery

Think carefully who will be using the cottage sofas. If the sofa is more for aesthetic value than functionality, you may consider finer materials such as satin, silk, or leather. Remember, however, that some higher end materials will require more maintenance, which means you will have to spend time and money cleaning or otherwise caring for the unit.

Ashford Cottage Slipcovered Sofa Images

Ashford Cottage Slipcovered Sofa Images

If you will be hosting guests regularly, and if space is at premium, consider fold-out sleeper couch. Such cottage sofas feature fold-out beds that can be concealed beneath the cushions when not in use. When sleeping accommodations are necessary, the couch can be folded out to accommodate sleeping, thereby preventing the need for separate bed that will otherwise need to be stored somewhere else in the cottage.

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