Several Good Options when Choosing the Right Under Cupboard Lights

Under cupboard lights can allow you to see at night without having to turn on bright overhead .

under kitchen cabinet lighting fixture images

under kitchen fixture images

Like most cupboard accessories, though, under cupboard lights are many choices. One of the first details to think about is whether you want the kind of cupboard lights that are hard wired, or those that plug in to nearby outlets. You should also consider the shape you prefer, taking into account the space you have. Finally, think about the type of bulb, choosing from halogen, fluorescent, and LED, to name the most popular kinds.

If you want a in your home, you should consider using under cupboard lights that are hard wired into the underside of the cabinet.

under kitchen cabinet light fixtures gallery

under kitchen cabinet light fixtures gallery

Modern under cabinet lighting fixtures ideas

Modern under cabinet ideas

Exotic Kitchen Under Cabinet Lighting Fixtures

Exotic Kitchen Under Cabinet Lighting Fixtures

These typically look neat since they do not require any cords to be strung up nearby, as any wires are contained within the cupboard or the light itself. Of course, these are often complicated to install, so you should usually hire a professional unless you are handy with electrical wires. If you want to save time and money on the installation of under cupboard lights, you may prefer the kind that plug in to an outlet.

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Another choice to make is the shape of the under cupboard lights that suit you best. One of the most common types is the , which is small and round. You may choose to place a few of these under your cabinet, or you could just add one if you have limited space. Another popular choice for under the cupboard is track style lighting, which usually features a few bulbs along one track, each of which can independently swivel.

Consider the lighting element that you prefer before you buy under cupboard lights, taking into account the pros and cons of each kind. For example, fluorescent bulbs are usually inexpensive and popular, but they do not show colors accurately, which may result in your counters appearing a slightly different shade when the light is on.

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