Several Ideas to Help You for Choosing and Mounting Plasma TV Frames

Fixing lcd or frames to walls can be a tricky especially if the fitter has little or no previous experience with .

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The television is more often than not the of the family sitting room and there is nothing better than watching a great movie in the company of loved ones. That said when the television is not switched on, your gaze will still unfortunately be drawn to it but instead it will now be a depressing empty back square.

Fortunately you can buy custom plasma tv frames that smartly conceal the set in a number of different ways:

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Firstly and probably the oldest method is to hide the screen in a self contained unit looking not dissimilar to a wooden cabinet. The motorised mechanism allows the screen when switched on to rise from the cabinet. This is best suited as at the foot of the bed in the style of an .

Decorative flat screen plasma TV frame with natural wood

You can also hang plasma tv frames from the ceiling! These ingenious motorised designs allow for the tv to either drop or fold down from a concealed panel in the ceiling. These are probably the most costly plasma tv frames on the market and careful consideration needs to be taken into account when assessing the structure of the building bearing in mind the weight of a large plasma screen.

Creative plasma TV frame picture

Many of the specialised plasma tv frames will also allow the screen to be tilted or swivelled to achieve the optimum viewing angle. The are endless and you can even buy a plasma that turns into a mirror! How cool would that be to be brushing your teeth in the bathroom whilst watching the breakfast show picture in picture!

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