Several Points to Consider when Choosing the Right Bathtub Trays

To choose the best bathtub trays, think about function as well as looks.

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Trays with telescopic extenders allow for a proper fit on the sides of your bathtub. The sections and holding capacity of bathtub trays vary widely, so you should keep in mind exactly what you need to store in the one you choose. While silver colored metal tray styles suit most bathrooms, wooden trays add a warmer, spa like look.

Bathtub trays designed to hold are also available in silver-colored wire.

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If you select one of bathtub trays with a detachable book or magazine stand, you can have maximum versatility by using the bathtub tray with or without this feature. If you use a razor in the bathtub, make sure the tray has a place to hold that to prevent it from falling into the water and presenting a safety hazard such as to cause a cut on your leg.

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If you need minimal storage and want a streamlined tray design, a silver-colored metal piece with two wide and two indented, scoop-like areas can be a good choice. These types of bathtub trays are at least big enough to hold a washcloth, and maybe one or two smaller items. If your tub has a shower as well, the tray you choose should be easy to slide to the end of the tub so that standing under the shower head is possible.

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A wider tray will allow you to lay a magazine down in the center and give you more room for . Some fancy bathtub tray designs have a compartment especially designed to hold a candle. Make sure that any compartments in bathtub trays aren’t so deep that they will feel uncomfortable on your legs while you’re taking a bath.

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