Several Things You Should to Know about French Provincial Decor

Many people interchange the terms French provincial decor and .

Elegant french room decor

In general, French provincial decor refers to the decor and style that was found in the rural homes of the Provence region of France in the 1600s and 1700s. The decor typically has simple lines with an elegant flair. For example, an armoire may be made of rustic pine, but the top of it might have a simple floral pattern carved into it. The French provincial style must not be confused with the decor of French royalty, such as the of Louis XV.

French provincial decor can be recreated in nearly any home, as long as it mimics the style of the French countryside in the 17th and 18th centuries.

French Provincial Kitchen Decoration Ideas

Decoration Ideas

French Provincial Interior Bedroom Decoration Picture

French Provincial Interior Bedroom Decoration Picture

French Provincial Bathroom Decoration Design

French Provincial Bathroom

The furniture in French provincial style is usually more rustic in appearance. In most cases, these items are made of local woods, such as pine, walnut, or oak. Embroidered chairs and other fabric items are often common in French provincial decor as well. The patterns are distinct from the more showy embroidery found in the French castles, using images from the countryside, such as farm animals and hunting scenes.

In addition, French provincial decor may be painted with several different colors layering each other. The effect gives furniture a deep, multi-. In many cases, the furniture also is distressed to increase its rugged appearance. Typically, the hinges, knobs, and handles are either wood or a rustic metal, such as copper or wrought iron. Gold knobs or handles are generally reserved for the eye-catching style of the Louis XV decor.

Often, the French provincial style will include wooden shelves throughout a room. The shelves might be stacked to include a wide range of accessories, such as vases, jars, tea sets, oil lamps, and books. Aside from finding a home on the shelves, these items might also be situated on end tables, placed on buffet tops, or set in an open cupboard.

French Provincial Decor

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