Several Useful Ideas to Help You Decorating Long Living Rooms

In this post, we give you some long living rooms layout ideas that will help you create the living area of your dreams.

Long living room modern decoration design

Long living room modern

In most there is always a tussle for space. From the bedrooms to the kitchen, and even the , you can be at a loss when it comes to ensuring that your house does not look like it is stuffed with furniture and there is absolutely no space to move around. Decorating narrow yet long living rooms can be quite a tough task. But, if you plan your layout well in advance, then you can create a space that looks like it should be featured in a design magazine.

Here, we present you some long living rooms layout ideas to make a narrow space look great.

Modern long living rooms apartment decor design ideas

Modern long living rooms apartment ideas

One thing that you would definitely want to avoid with long living rooms is to ensure that it does not start looking like a hallway. This is why it is important that you create seating area that is not affixed to the walls, but is floating in the middle area. You can also choose to create a reading area beside a window or a fireplace with a comfortable large placed alongside a tiny table with a lamp on it. This could be a great conversation point.

Exotic interior decoration and furniture long living room ideas

Exotic interior decoration and furniture long living room ideas

Colors and textured walls can go a long way in changing the character of the room and also to give it an illusion of space. Lighter colors always work well if you want to make the room appear larger as do mirrors. Use a wall color that can highlight the talking point of the room, which could be any accessory that you think is the most in the room.

While choosing accessories for long living rooms, first think about those things that are utilitarian and which you need in your room. These include the furniture for the room and the lighting in the form of lamps. Choosing lamps will ensure that you have great lighting for each of your reading spaces. Use small tables to create anchors for floating sofas and keep coffee table books on these or even smaller knickknacks.

Contemporary long living room bench gallery

These are just some of the tips that you can use, if you are looking for long living rooms layout ideas. Use these to create a space that not only you are proud of but also make your guests extremely envious.

Long Living Rooms

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