Simple and Easy Guides for Growing Herb Gardens in Your Yard

Growing herb gardens design at home adds both decorative flair and the convenience of having flavorful herbs close at hand.

herb garden bed design

bed design

When planning new herb gardens design, the most important things to keep in mind are light, soil and plant compatibility. The spot chosen for the garden must get enough light, preferably full or , to keep the plants healthy. Most prefer soil with good drainage and plenty of organic matter. Another vital part of successful herb gardens design is choosing plants that grow well in the selected location.

When choosing a location around which to base herb gardens design, consider whether an outdoor or indoor garden is a better choice.

Herb Garden Plants Picture

Herb Garden Plants Picture

located in the kitchen can give a green touch to the decor and put the herbs right at hand for use in cooking. On the downside, herb plants grown indoors are not always attractive, and can sometimes attract bugs that may fly around the food preparation area. For these reasons, unless the outdoor growing area experiences extreme weather like high or freezing temperatures or destructive winds, outdoors is often the best place to harbor thriving herb gardens design.

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The necessary part of herb gardens design is making it accessible, and watering accessibility is a big part of that. If herb gardens are small, a watering can may be enough to provide moisture to the garden. For a large herb garden design, especially outdoors, a source like a hose may be necessary to keep the garden watered without excessive effort.

backyard herb gardens inspiration ideas

backyard herb gardens inspiration ideas

The needs of plants growing in ground soil and container soil are different. Successful herb gardens design requires the right soil for the growing location and plant. Potting soil is soil designed especially for plants grown in containers, and it is generally the best engineered soil for this purpose. Usually, potting soil contains more material to encourage drainage, like peat moss. If the herbs are intended for eating, make sure to get a potting soil with organic fertilizer designed for food plants.

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