Simple and Effective Feng Shui Office Tips for Your Workplace

Get rid of negative energies from your office by following some simple tips for feng shui office. For some effective feng shui tips for your work place, scroll down.

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A feng shui office is one where the is in harmony with your thinking and actions. This kind of office, unlike others, has proper management of space, in order to yield productivity and . In English, the term ‘Feng shui’ literally stands for ‘wind’ and ‘water’, and when combined, it symbolizes harmony and balance. This or practice was believed to have established over 6000 years ago and it is primarily based on the various principles of physics, philosophy, astronomy and astrology. Feng shui principles have such influence in the lives of people that they are able to make an impact on their finances, health and emotions. This is achieved by following the different aspects of feng shui, which make its followers compatible with nature, their surroundings and their own lives. Having had brief understanding of what feng shui is about; let’s throw some light on the various needs and requirements for feng shui office

Tips To Follow Feng Shui Office

Tips feng shui home office

Neat and Tidy!

The first and the most important tip for feng shui office is based on arranging things in an organized and efficient method. Now this principles stresses on the fact of clutter free surroundings in your office. Clutter or unnecessary objects which may lie around in your desk, drawer or anywhere in your office, is believed to be source of negative flow of Chi (the circulating life energy that in Chinese philosophy is thought to be inherent in all things). So get rid of things which are not essential to your work and minimize the flow and intensity of negative Chi in your workplace. By keeping your workplace clutter-free and ‘neat and tidy’, you can actually set your mind free of mental and emotional burden and invite the onset of positive Chi in the form of cheerfulness, optimism and rejuvenating feeling altogether. Moreover, keeping your surroundings clean and clutter-free is one of the healthy habits that we must inculcate in our day-to-day lives; even if not seen from the aspect of feng shui.

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Position of the Desk

A commanding position is what we all prefer and expect; it’s in the human nature. So, one of the important aspects of feng shui office is to sit in the corner farthest from the entrance of the room. It offers the most commanding position in the office. From this position, you should be able to get direct view of the door, pleasant view out of the window and wall behind you for support. This position, according to feng shui, is the ideal place in an office which can provide you the maximum control. Now, the reason behind facing the door and to have direct view, according to what feng shui says, is that business symbolically comes to you from the door and so it is not wise to turn your back towards it. Facing wall while working may result in fruitless job, so that’s why it is necessary to avoid such positions and rather keep the wall behind you for support.

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Feng Shui Office Layout

The shape of the , both at home and at the workplace, plays an important role in regulating healthy flow of positive Chi in feng shui office layout. Having rounded and smooth curved desks encourage the flow of creativity and positive Chi. It is best to have desk which carries the shape of kidney. This is because feng shui believes that this kind of desk represents the natural curves of the human body and thus, helps in creating subconscious feeling of inner alignment. Having smooth and rounded shaped can be directly related to the principles of physics. As we all know, air flows in uniform and undisturbed manner, through objects which are smooth (streamlined to be precise). That is the reason why fish have streamlined shapes so that they can move through the water effortlessly. This logic is also used in feng shui office, where in, objects which are rough and have shapes like square, rectangle or basically which are not rounded, may restrict the flow of energy and affect the work environment. However, it is best to have uniform balance of soft and hard surfaces, and smooth and rough textures in your choice of window treatments, , and flooring, when it comes to feng shui office designs.

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Plants for Creativity and Good Health

Indoor house plants are always good option to opt for feng shui office. Place some green plants in your office and especially in the corners. Plants not only help in reducing toxins and circulating stagnant air, they provide source of creativity and new ideas. They help in maintaining positive Chi flow in the work place and in areas which are otherwise neglected, such as the corners. Green plants also help you stay in touch with the natural world and ‘green’ is color which is the most soothing to the eyes. Organic materials such as baskets, wooden paper trays, crystal paperweights and ceramic mugs are also beneficial in making up profitable business environment in feng shui office.

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Feng Shui Office Colors

Choosing the right feng shui office colors also adds great deal to the prosperity and productivity of the business and work environment. Colors such as yellow, red, purple, chestnut and blue are believed to maximize productivity and restore positive energy into your office. Yellow symbolizes control, patience, tolerance, mental energy and wisdom. Red, according to Chinese culture, is related to the fire element. It stands for color of life, joy and virtue. Purple boosts spiritual awareness and it is regarded as the spiritual end of the color spectrum. It is the epitome of high ideals and known as the ‘Feng shui color of royalty’. One of the elements of earth is represented by the chestnut color. It induces sense of predictability and stability; two most important factors in leader when it comes to decision-making skills. Blue, of course, is water element, and when used in the southeast areas of the office, represents wealth and abundance, and when in the east, it represents health and family. As it belongs to the water element, it nourishes the ‘Wood element’ of these two areas. In Chinese culture, painting doors of houses or offices with the color blue is believed to ward off evil spirits.

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Let There Be Light

Having the right kind of light source in your office also affects the work environment. Natural daylight is what feng shui recommends to be utilized in the work area. According to feng shui, sitting close to window is preferable rather than directly facing it. Avoid lights which cast glare and cause eyestrain and exhaustion. In feng shui office, it is better to replace fluorescent lights with warm lights.

Feng shui states that factors related to relationships, wealth, success and health are all governed by the arrangement of our belongings. As mentioned earlier, all feng shui principles boil down to one basic aspect and that is the flow of positive energy in an unhindered path. So the proper arrangement and location of objects ensure the correct flow of positive Chi and help in countering negative Chi. proper balance of energy in feng shui office or following the principles of feng shui for your home is what is required for greater happiness, well-being and productivity.