Some Advantages of Front Loading Washing Machines than Top Loading Units

In country like the United States, where top loading are popular, most people only encounter Front Loading Washing Machines at the local commercial laundromat.

Front Loading Washing Machines

Front loading Samsung washing machine models

The main difference between top loading and Front Loading Washing Machines is how the clothes are placed inside. Top loading machine has hinged lid on top, allowing the clothes to be placed inside horizontally-oriented watertight tub. In the center of this tub is device called an agitator! The agitator’s job is to swirl the clothes through the soapy water. has no central agitator, but uses gravity and side-mounted paddles to agitate clothes. Once the front door is closed, it remains locked mechanically until the washing cycle is complete.

One advantage of Front Loading Washing Machines is an increased capacity.

Front loading washing machines are also gentler on clothes and generally quieter to operate. Instead of centralized agitator literally grabbing clothes and thrashing them, the blades gently pick up the clothes and allow them to drop into the soapy water. The soil is still removed by an agitating action, but gravity does most of the work. Gentler agitation can extend the lifespan of clothes significantly.

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Another advantage of front loader is less water and detergent usage. Top loading washer must use enough water to cover the highest level of the clothes. front loading machine, on the other hand, only uses enough water to cover approximately the lower third of the tub at most. The clothes are drawn through the water, not the water through the clothes. In fact, the machine often contains its own heating element to keep the water at an ideal temperature for washing.

Many consumers also find that front loading washing machine removes more water during the final spin cycle. This often translates into shorter drying times, which equals savings on . In addition, it can work in conjunction with stackable dryer to save space in the laundry room. Standard top loading washing machines cannot be stacked with standard electric dryer.

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