Some Common Types of Shabby Chic Decor

Shabby Chic Decor includes a wide variety of types of decoration, including English cottage, rustic and chic grandmother.

Shabby Chic Decor

Shabby Chic living room decoration ideas

Each style has its own variation on the marriage of the time consumed, used or even dilapidated design, functional, quality design with smooth lines and a feminine touch. French cottage style Shabby Chic Decor blends with sensitivity and elegant French farmhouse. The style exudes a feeling of sun, with bright colors like red, yellow and green. Treatment of false walls obtained by various methods are a mainstay, adding depth through a textured look and worn by time.

The different types of Shabby Chic Decor

Upholstery and patterns with calico – supports fat with small drawings repeated. As a decorative accent pillows, cushions, borders and vases decorated in the style of the farm as roosters. Furniture is usually made of wood and hand characteristics of painting, sculpture or embellish a warm touch.

English country decor mixes classic fabrics, furniture and models with contemporary touches. The traditional furniture tends to be rich, heavy models in conservative colors such as marine, cream, gold and brown. Classical paintings, decorated pottery, models of canvas and heavy furniture usually adorn a country house in the English style. Modern touches, such as a sofa upholstered in cloth hot pink or unexpected mid-century modern coffee table with simple straight lines can add variety, as well as pieces or artistic accents unusual-looking statements.

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Rustic decor tends to have a more serious “raw” or unfinished, like his counterparts in other shabby chic decor, and has unfinished often dry and cracked wood, stone and metal unpolished opaque. The focus is on furniture and decor pieces that include a primitive , is a mechanical bed primitive made from old metal pipe plumping or Belief fact sleepers naturally primitive. Techniques such as dry brushing, cracked paint and the original finish sanding expose sub-layers or washed in color or finishes dynamic. Rustic furniture has a variety of subtypes, including rustic American, southwest rustic or country, among others.

Granny chic and Shabby Chic Decor infused with keys in hand, colored elements dynamic. The term comes from the decoration of a style stereotypical grandmother – full of crochet, knitting and pieces of hand-woven, usually in bright and rich colors, floral motifs. Vintage floral patterns, particularly in 1960 and 1970 the kingdom. Colour schemes vary, but mix vintage like avocado and gold with jewel tones bolder. Granny chic and could take an accent piece looks tacky or gaudy like a shadow, cover or crocheted doily and have a voice in the midst of a neutral background in white lines or cream or furniture that has simple smooth texture and to balance dense patterns of the part.

Shabby Chic Decor

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