Some Good Tips in Order to Help You Choose the Right Trundle Beds

Trundle beds offer an excellent solution for larger families or anyone with frequent overnight guests.

Exotic white and light blue modern trundle bed gallery

Exotic white and light blue modern gallery

Deciding on the best bed type typically depends on the owner’s need, whether that is a need for an additional sleeping area or more . One trundle bed design includes a main bed with a second bed that can be rolled out for sleeping. Other trundle beds include beds with under the mattress frame or various day bed styles.

may want to consider a trundle beds configuration that offers an additional mattress for sleeping.

White and orange modern trundle bed gallery

Bunk beds are also available in trundle beds style allowing for three separate sleeping areas that only require the space of one bed when not in use. These beds can also be beneficial for anyone that frequently hosts overnight guests, including .

light blue sweet purple wall bedroom and white trundle bed ideas

light blue sweet purple wall bedroom and white trundle bed ideas

If the desire is for more storage space, trundle beds with drawers under the mattress area could be selected. In this design, the bed frame is similar to a low dresser. This style is sometimes referred to as a Captain’s bed, and is likely named after similar beds found on old ships. For the greatest amount of sleeping and storage area, bunk beds can be purchased in this style.

Exotic cute purple trundle bed design

Exotic cute purple trundle bed design

Trundle beds can also be obtained in a day bed style. This is often chosen for its versatility because, when the bed is not being used for sleeping, it functions as a small sofa. Therefore, this style provides a solution for anyone lacking space for guests or living in a small, studio-type apartment. Day beds can also be used in home offices or living rooms. A bed in this style offers an alternative to a sofa bed, which may be difficult for some individuals to operate.

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