Some Interesting Decor Ideas for Living Room Designs

The Living Room Designs must be done in such a way that they give a cozy, welcoming look to the room.

Living Room Designs

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The living room is one of the most important rooms in any house. This is the room where some of the best times of our lives, like chatting with family or guests, watching TV or just idling on the sofa, are spent. Your living room acts as a focal point of your entire house and can leave a lasting impression (good or bad) on a visitor. So it is very essential that you choose designs for your appropriately that will reflect your style. There are a variety of ideas like traditional, transitional, contemporary, Mediterranean and country to choose from for the living room. Let us take a look at the various living room techniques to create a beautiful and charming atmosphere in the most important room of your house.

Ideas for Living Room Designs

Wall Colors

The most important aspect for decorating a living room is to make sure that the colors you choose for the wall paint are the right ones. Choose light pastel colors like cool blue, light yellow, light lavender or bold dark colors like turquoise, sea green and rust. Using warm colors like butter yellow with gold tones will accentuate the appearance of the room. You can paint one of the walls in a darker shade so that the room looks bigger. In case you want to maintain the neutral mood, you can paint the walls in shades of white and gray. Make sure that the designs and colors of the furniture and upholstery are in sync with each other to give a room a pleasant appearance. Hence it is advisable to choose the living room colors accordingly.

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Furniture Arrangement

The next important criteria for decorating the Living Room Designs are the furniture and its arrangement. Arranging living room furniture should be done in such a way that there is ample room for movement and the room should look spacious. Don’t just dump the sofa and the rest of the furniture around that will give the room a cluttered look. For a small living room, choose furniture that is small and has abstract or round shapes. The cabinets also should be of medium size instead of being bulky. The electronic goods like television, music player etc. should also be arranged taking the size of the room into consideration. A proper plan and arrangement of furniture and other accessories will give the room a more cozier and spacious look.

Cozy Fireplace

Modern Living Room Designs look great with a fireplace. The fireplace is a focal point in the living room and makes the room look refreshing. The design of the fireplace should complement the room. Living rooms with a fireplace will look more elegant and stylish if the size and placement of the fireplace is appropriate. The fireplace is usually at the center and for small living rooms, the fireplace with a walnut mantel can have subtle contours or clean lines to match the decor of the room. The fireplace mantel can be decorated with flower vases, photo frames and other knickknacks. Place these in an ornate way for a stylish look, rather than cluttering them on the mantel.


For drapery ideas, you can choose light shades and soft material for the and drapes. Heavy fabrics and dark colors can make the room look cramped. Another attractive way to enhance the way your living room designs looks is to use light shades to illuminate the room. Unusual shapes and attractive colors for light shades will beautify the room. The center or side tables can also be decorated with beautiful shaped vases. Fresh or silk flowers can give an inviting look to the room. For the walls, you can use accessories like mirrors, paintings or wall hangings to suit the ambiance of the room.

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These were a few decorating ideas for a living room. With the help of these living room designs, you can transform your living room into a more comfortable and a stunning one.

Living Room Designs

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