Some Useful Advices on How to Choose the Best Hardwood Bed Frames

Enhancing the look of your bedroom with hardwood bed frames is good idea not only for aesthetics, but also for and strength.

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Choosing hardwood bed frames starts with determining which size you need. If you already have mattress, take note of its size by measuring the length and width, as well as the depth with the box spring included. Some bed frames are not designed to accommodate box springs, so be sure to choose one that does, or be ready to get rid of your box spring altogether.

Once you have determined the correct size for your hardwood bed frames, it’s time to consider both the materials used to build the frame and the style in which the frame will be built.

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Countless options exist, and it may be somewhat daunting to wade through all of them. Start by thinking about the color or tone you want for your hardwood bed frames. Some hardwoods can be deeper or darker in color than others, so think about what kind of mood or tone you want for your room. Think, too, about the grain of the wood; hardwoods tend to have fairly prominent grains, though some are more attractive than others. Consider oak and mahogany, as these are some of the most common hardwoods that are also some of the most attractive.

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The design of the hardwood bed frames may fit into specific category, such as mission style or arts and crafts, or it may be more unique style that fits into no specific category. are quite popular and mimic the look of sleigh, but these also tend to be very large and heavy. Make sure you have enough space in your bedroom to accommodate such large frame; otherwise, look for options that will save on space. Some types of platform will be positioned lower to the ground, making them suitable for loft spaces or smaller rooms.

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Think about storage opportunities as well. Some hardwood bed frames model will feature slide-out in the base that will allow you to store clothing, blankets, or other easily stored items. Other bed frames may feature headboards with storage cubbies or bookshelves on which books, alarm clocks, or other items commonly used before bed can be stored. Think about your daily routines and habits when choosing additional features for the bed frame that might make your life easier.

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