The Beautiful Tiffany Lamp Decor to Bring Home Life with Riot of Colors

Learn some tips on decor, to bring home life with a riot of colors.

Dale Tiffany Hazlett Table Lamp Design

Louis Comfort Tiffany designed the first Tiffany lamp on his artistic whim. These are a rare sight today. However, if you happen to lay your hands on one or source one from somewhere, using it appropriately to mélange it well with the rest of the decor is quite a challenge.

So, read on to know how to tiffany lamp decor to make the most of this antique piece of art.

tiffany floor lamp mission bronze finish design

tiffany floor lamp mission bronze finish design

Making maximum use of the iridescent light effect is of prime importance while tiffany lamp decor. The gorgeous color schemes on the lampshades must complement your walls and the other interior decor. If you are tiffany lamp decor you need to bring about certain uniformity in the interior decor. If you are using more than one lamp, then stick to one shape or one design of the lampshade. Using various shapes and shades will make the interior look psychedelic.

Quoizel Bungalow Mission Tiffany Table Lamp Gallery

Quoizel Bungalow Mission Tiffany Table Lamp Gallery

While decorating the outdoors with you are going to need plenty of lampshades or lampposts. Darker lampshades will give out lesser light, thereby defeating the purpose of having lampshades in the first place. If you are using them for overall lighting purposes align them in a straight line. Walk an extra mile by matching the with your lampshades. This way you can create a color theme too. But, see to it that you do not over use the color.

Great Tiffany stained glass lamp table decor

Great Tiffany table decor

So those were a few answers for how to tiffany lamp decor. As these lampshades are furrowed, they easily get dirty. To make the most of the colorful light effects these lampshades emanate, clean them regularly with a damp cloth. Tiffany lampshades are a rare sight in times of modern minimalistic fixtures. So, add a dash of colors to with Tiffany lamps which will adorn you home with eye catchy designs.

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Tiffany Lamp Decor