The Best Ideas in Order to Help You Choose the Perfect Jungle Themed Nursery

Decorative items are available for all parts of room, from the floor to the ceiling, to help create jungle themed nursery.

jungle nursery theme wall stickers idea

The walls of jungle themed nursery provide plenty of space for dramatic impact. Creating a rainforest with wall decals, murals or stencils will provide a for a variety of . Elephants, giraffes and zebras can be applied with wall decals or stickers, or they can be hand-painted onto nursery walls. Colorful, are often more suitable for decorating nursery than realistic ones.

Plush figures, quilts and wall hangings can be used to carry out the atmosphere of jungle themed nursery.

Nursery Decorating Jungle Themed Design

Nursery Decorating Jungle Themed Design

Crib sheet sets, and matching curtains are available in jungle patterns and colors. Quilts, nursery rugs and play mats can mimic real animal furs or feature whimsical themes, such as elephants playing with coconuts or monkeys swinging from palm trees. Jungle-themed nursery rugs also can feature exotic animal patterns, such as leopard fur or zebra stripes.

Jungle themed baby nursery decorating ideas

Jungle themed baby nursery decorating ideas

Lamps, light switch covers and nightlights also are available in jungle themes. A lamp that features elephants, tigers and giraffes marching around the base can be topped with a shade that features monkeys hanging by their tails from tree limbs. Another option is a lone elephant standing at the base of a lamp that is topped with a giraffe shade and has a monkey hanging from a light switch pull. Elephant, monkey and zebra nightlights also can add to the feel of jungle themed nursery.

Elegant jungle themed nursery wall murals

Elegant jungle themed nursery

Ceiling fans for jungle themed nursery feature zebra, leopard and giraffe patterns on the blades. Hanging down from the fans can be ceiling fan pulls featuring jungle animals as well, such as tigers, monkeys or zebras. Nursery furniture can feature animal print fabric coverings, paint themes and decals.

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Jungle Themed Nursery