The Best Ideas to Create Accent Walls in Living Room

Create beautiful, interesting accent walls in your living room by utilizing the innovative ideas suggested below.

Want to make your living room look more interesting? Simple, paint accent walls! As the name suggests, an accent wall is a wall that is different and more prominent than the other three walls in the room. It is painted or designed in such a way that the moment anybody enters the room, his eyes cannot help but look at it! An accent wall is usually painted in bright colors and even if it’s in your face, it is not considered an blunder! In fact, the more an accent wall stands out, the better!

Read on to know how to paint, design and decorate accent walls in living room.

modern living room white red color scheme accent wall models

modern living room white red accent wall models

Once you have decided on the accent walls, the next step is painting accent walls in living room. There are a number of creative ways of doing this. For instance, if the room is painted in light pink color, you can paint the accent wall in a slightly bolder shade of the same color. In this case, it can be a bold, hot pink colored accent wall. Another living room painting tip is to choose an altogether different bright shade, such as red or orange or purple for the accent wall, while keeping the other walls painted in toned-down neutral, pastel or cool colors like light green and light blue.

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contemporary living room accent wall gallery

room accent wall gallery

When it comes to creating accent walls, there are a number of innovative things that you can do. For instance, instead of getting it painted, you can have a wall of stones or tiles as an accent wall! You can create a number of squares on the accent wall with molding and wood strips and break the accent wall into numerous pieces. For those of you who want to add a bit of drama to their living room, painting the accent wall in black color and using light colored furniture pieces in the room to balance out the effect, is a good idea!

blue and green living room design with black accent walls ideas

blue and green living room design with black accent walls ideas

In order to enhance the look of the accent walls, there are a number of things that you can do. You can add some cabinets and shelves to the accent wall and display show pieces, art and other decorating stuff in some contrasting color on them. These shelves look especially good on accent walls which have a television in front of them. This way, even when the television is off, the décor items on the shelves will keep-up the visual appeal of the accent wall.

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