The Best Shabby Chic Bedroom Tips

Shabby Chic BedroomShabby chic decor is a mixture of femininity, glamor and glitter vintage that is a little rough around the edges.

shabby chic bedroom

Pink shabby chic bedroom rustic

Vintage furniture and retro style painted in white or can help define a shabby chic look of the room, while the softer accents such as flowers, clothes and vintage help complete the look. Elegant accessories such as mirrors, artwork and ornate lights are used to make the “chic” shabby chic.

Shabby Chic Bedroom Tips

Having a focal point is the key to create a shabby chic bedroom. If a crystal chandelier with load, vintage chenille bedspread or decorated dressing table, the key sets the tone for the room. It is best to choose the focal point, then select the rest of the decoration to complete it.

Furniture in a room can be a shabby chic eclectic assortment mix-and-match of styles, colors and finishes. The “shabby” in shabby chic can be created using furniture with floral or worn edges. The wooden furniture, the unkempt appearance can be created using sandpaper to remove paint would happen normal wear. While white is a color typical of bedroom furniture Shabby Chic, pastels are also a good choice. For example, a raw white dresser can be matched with a pair of mint green tables and light pink chair. Metal ornament, crystal or buttons can be used to accentuate the furniture.

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Sparkle and shine are essential components of a shabby chic bedroom. Ornate gilt frames can surround mirrors, which can be used on walls, beliefs or standing left. Spark can also be added to a room, using crystals suspended in chandeliers, sconces and chandeliers. Lamps should include vintage style shapes and shades. Opera can be richly framed and hung, or a simple canvas without frame can be placed against a wall.

By choosing the right accessories can conveniently add to the charm of a shabby chic bedroom. Colorful vintage brooches, earrings and medallions can be positioned as if the wearer had them removed. A vintage, September silver brush and comb can be placed on a dressing table, with a zone of free-standing mirror ornate and antique jewelry box.

Femininity and romance can be infused into a room shabby chic add flowers, blankets and vintage items. Old quilts, bed jackets and mink stoles can be placed on chairs and benches in the room. Hats and vintage hat boxes can be used to add a little style “with touches of color. Other unique items and female, as women gloves, shoes and dance bags, can be viewed strategically.

Garden art and court art can add a unique touch to a shabby chic bedroom. Cement statues, bird and balls that look baths are unexpected elements in a room, and help create a race to the bottom, yet elegant atmosphere. Garden furniture, such as glass tables, benches and wooden chairs in the thread, are suitable for shabby chic room too. Poetry books on a bedside table vintage bedroom and handmade carpets bedside able to complete the look.

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