The Best Tips for Designing Patio Furniture from the Pros

Having the right patio furniture can really make an outdoor space feel more like home.

teak wood furniture on patio ideas

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Design pros will tell you that your patio and balcony is an extension of your home. As such, the furniture for patio should match the style of the home. If you have a century old Victorian, you’ll want to use classic Adirondack or wicker furnishings to complement it and tie the outside and inside together. Conversely, a modern home demands more modern patio furniture. You can just never go wrong with matching styles.

When it comes to patio furniture you should invest in the best quality you can afford.

Wooden furniture patio chairs ideas

Wooden chairs ideas

Like your living room, you may want to build your design around a focal point such as a view, a pool or fire pit. Create small groupings whenever possible so your guests can have more intimate conversations, but don’t pick too many patio furniture pieces that can’t be moved easily. People like to move around and when it comes time to eat, it’s nice to have everybody together in one place to enjoy a bite to eat and some lively conversation.

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stylish wicker furniture outdoor

As you add patio furniture, factor in storage. You may want to consider around the perimeter of your patio or balcony that has storage underneath. This will allow you to keep yard games, candles, plates and plastic ware handy.

Metal furniture for patio design

Finally, don’t forget about lighting when you’re designing your patio and incorporating patio furniture. String lights are not only decorative, but functional as well, casting a lovely subdued light across the entire space. You can add lighting to illuminate your cooking area or the outdoor bar. Just don’t overdo the light, as you want to also be able to enjoy a clear, starlit night.

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