The Different Art Types for Creating Christmas Yard Arts

Christmas yard arts can range from very simple designs such as strings of Christmas lights or a simple wreath hung on the front door of a home, to more elaborate designs and features such as large, inflatable Christmas characters or even snow globes with simulated snow inside. Options for Christmas Yard Arts are virtually unlimited, though it may help to come up with a specific theme before purchasing any specific Christmas yard art items. Plastic Santa Claus figures and even full sleighs with reindeer can be purchased, though many homeowners choose simpler, subtler themes for their yards such as lights and bows.

Christmas Yard Arts

Yard art for holiday christmas ideas

A Christmas creche scene or nativity is a common choice for Christmas Yard Arts as well.

Some people choose to build this scene from scratch using wood and other household materials, while others choose to purchase prefabricated kits that include all the necessary components. Some creche scenes even feature lighting so the scene can be viewed at night, perhaps in conjunction with other Christmas lights or decorations.

Not all Christmas Yard Arts decorations need to have a religious theme.

Some people choose to decorate the yard with large replica candy canes or red bows. Mistletoe can be added to the front doorway for an added bit of holiday spirit. Countless varieties of snowman figures can be purchased or built and placed in the front yard as a symbol of the holiday season without specifically addressing a certain religion.

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Inflatable yard art has become more common during the Christmas season as well. These plastic figures are inflated with air to form countless , including Santa and his sleigh, reindeer, Frosty the Snowman, elves, and even things as elaborate as Santa’s workshop. Some inflatable decorations are automated as well; human-sized snow globes can feature blowing snow inside, and some figures can be automated to move through Santa’s village. Some inflatable or plastic decorations are even motion-sensitive.

Perhaps the most common Christmas yard arts are lighting. Christmas lights come in single colors, multi-colored varieties, or simple white lights. These strings of lights can be draped over trees or bushes, or along the trim of the house. Some lights even simulate the look of hanging icicles. Many people choose very simple lighting designs meant to the beauty of the yard, while others make the lights the feature attraction, stringing them in every tree or bush for an overwhelming light experience.

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Christmas Yard Arts