The Different Types of Safari Decors to Help You Redecorating the Feel of Safari

Safari decors center on the colors and textures of Africa.

The Different Types of Safari Decors to Help You Redecorating the Feel of Safari

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There are different types of decor that help recreate the feel of safari, from the warmth of natural wood surfaces to the intricate, geometric patterns of . Leather is of safari decors, as are animal prints. African themed decorating accents pull the look together, creating room that is warm, relaxing, and exotic.

The types of decorating element included in safari decors are animal prints.

Several types of home accents and decorations contribute to safari decors. African tribal masks, hung on the wall or as a table display, are a quick solution. Statues, figurines, or art prints of animals should focus on those native to Africa. A mosquito net draped over canopy bed or hung from the ceiling is an authentic touch. Small folding camp tables function as safari-style end tables.

The furniture of safari decors is made of wood and natural fabrics. Bamboo and rattan are popular choices for tables and chairs as they suggest a light, airy feel to furnishings. Fabrics for curtains, cushions, and bedcovers use such as cotton and linen. is a type of fabric that uses dye made from fermented mud. It usually has highly repetitive, colorful designs based on and is common component with the safari style.

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Safari decors lighting is subdued in contrast to the brighter lighting of more modern decorating styles. Wired hurricane lamps provide authentic detail. A variety of plants helps bring a sense of the outdoors into the room. Plants such as jacaranda and frangipani are native to Africa, and small palm trees set in the corners of the room add height and visual impact.

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