The Easiest Way Designing Country Home Decor for Your Living Room

Making crafts for your living room is a great way to change your style without spending a fortune.

Exotic decoration living room with feminine country style design

Exotic decoration living room with feminine country style design

A country home decor craft that is easy to create is a pressed foliage lamp. For this craft you will need pressed flowers and leaves. You will also need a lamp base, a , collage glue, a paintbrush, water, a cup and clear protective spray. If the base of the lamp is not an appropriate country color or style, try painting it in warm, muted color.

country style interior living room furniture and home decor gallery

country style interior and home decor gallery

To start this craft decide where you would like to place the pressed flowers or leaves. Make tiny marks with a pencil if you are having trouble remembering where you want to place your items. Mix some water with the glue to make it slightly thinner. This will make the glue much easier to work with.

Classic luxury living room in English country style decor ideas

living room in decor ideas

Creating country themed pillows is an easy country home decor craft that can be created inexpensively. You can even use existing pillows or you can buy plain pillows at local thrift stores, flea markets and dollar stores. For this craft you will need felt or fleece in muted such as mustard, navy blue, and maroon. You will also need fabric glue, chalk and scissors.

Beautiful Country Themed Living Room Decor Ideas

Start this craft by deciding what type of pattern you would like to create on your pillow. Stars, stripes, and flowers are great patterns to create for this country home decor craft. You can also cut out several shapes to give the pillow a quilted look. Then use the chalk to draw the images on the felt. Cut the shapes out and glue them on to your pillow. Allow 24 hours for the glue to dry. This country style pillow is a great addition to your living room decor.

Country home decor is very popular. Its charm and warmth are a great addition to any home. Try these fun and easy home decor crafts to add country style to any living room.

Country Home Decor

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