The Great Alternative Heating Through Gas Log Fireplaces

Gas log offer a clean, alternative method of heating.

Modern gas log fireplace gallery

Modern gas log gallery

For some, the fireplace is the focal point of the home – a place where the family gathers for , and where visitors congregate for conversation and . But when it comes to wood burning fireplaces, much of the heat that the fireplace is supposed to create, is actually lost through the venting system.

Gas log fireplaces resemble wood burning fireplaces but the method of burning relies on gas rather than wood.

Luxury gas log fireplace design

Gas Logs Fireplace Open Picture

Gas Logs Fireplace Open Picture

Exotic mantel gas log fireplace images

Exotic mantel gas log fireplace images

When choosing from among gas log fireplaces, you will be required to decide between ones that to the outside of the home – just as wood burning fireplaces – and those that have no venting system whatsoever. The difference between the two lies in the intensity of the flame that it produces. When you burn wood or gas the result is the same – the production of carbon monoxide. With the use of vented fireplace, the carbon monoxide is vented to the outside of the home.

No matter which of the two you choose, it makes sense to install a of carbon monoxide detectors throughout your home. Carbon monoxide is an invisible, odorless gas that can spread throughout the home without your knowledge. If it should reach dangerous levels it can result in severe injury and even fatality to the people within the home.

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Gas log fireplaces should always be installed by a professional who can safely install gas lines and instruct owners on its safe operation. Check to make sure that the fireplace you are installing – especially unvented fireplaces – is allowable in your particular location.

There can be no arguing that a fireplace can add another whole dimension to a room – including ambiance, style, and warmth. Whether you choose wood burning fireplaces or gas log fireplaces, you will likely get years of enjoyment from your fireplace – not to mention added value to your home.

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