The Great Options to Consider when Choosing the Right Children Day Beds

Here, we give some tips to choose the best children day beds. Take a look!


Making a child’s bedroom more functional and attractive usually starts with considering the size of the room. Choosing Children Day Beds starts the same way: it is important to measure the space so you can figure out how large of a unit will fit in there. Children day bed can be a very of that can provide a comfortable sleeping surface as well as a great place to sit and watch movies or play with friends.

Strong, attractive building materials are important for any , but even more so for children day beds.

girl's rooms - Day bed cushions rug shelves Fairy Tale Bedroom

girl’s rooms – Day bed cushions rug shelves Fairy Tale Bedroom

If your child is particularly active, keep in mind that the frame of the bed will endure more strain. Think carefully about Children Day Beds materials; the most common options include hardwoods and softwoods, as well as steel and even aluminum. Hardwoods are perhaps the best option for aesthetic appeal and durability, but they are also likely to be the most expensive options. Steel can be exceptionally strong and durable, but it may not always be the most attractive option, and can scratch wood floors fairly easily.

Cottage style childs day bed design

child’s day bed design

A slides neatly under the kids day beds mattress for storage, and when extra sleeping space is needed, the can be pulled out and sometimes popped up to be at the same level. If you choose this style of bed, be sure to consider the size of the room to make sure both mattresses will fit in the space when the is in use.

Children Day Beds

Maxtrix Kids Twin Daybed with Safety Rails & Trundle Bed Design

Most Children Day Beds models feature twin size mattresses, which is an appropriate size for most children. If your child is quite tall and still growing, or if your child has special needs that a larger mattress can accommodate, be sure to explore other options. Remember that the bed frame is designed to work with one size mattress only, so if you want a bigger mattress, you will need to buy a bigger frame as well.

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