The Kind of Flower Wall Stencils for Painting to Give Your House Makeover

The use of flower wall stencils to paint and create unique designs to adorn the walls of your house is great idea.

Beautiful dining room decoration with floral wall stencil ideas

Wall painting stencils make for one of the best and most cost-effective ways of enhancing the look of your house and turning it into dream home. Wall stencils are used for the purpose of drawing and painting one or more identical figures. These figures can literally be anything from symbols and shapes to patterns and ! Actually, using stencils adds to room that may look unattractive, or is lacking that one thing that may make it aesthetically pleasing. Wall stencils are extremely easy to use. All you have to do is secure the stencil to the wall and over it in color that matches the decor of your room. They are available in sizes ranging from few inches, to whole wall covering designs. Wall stenciling is not new concept; enthusiasts have been using flower and other wall stencils for long time now.

Here’s look into the kind of flower wall stencils available, and how you can use these and give your house makeover.

Broad Continuous Flower Wall Stencils

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Broad Continuous Flower Wall Stencils Study Room Ideas

Though the most popular designs are singular flower wall stencils, the bigger ones are for the more adventurous. They may range from couple of flowers to whole wall covering designs that will just blow your mind away. Of course, you will have to be lot more careful in selecting what you want, because they cover almost entire walls. There are some designs that will begin at one wall and carry on to another.

Long and Narrow Flower Wall Stencils

Flower stencil large stencils interactive kitchen dining room design

Flower Wall stencils can also be used to create elegant borders across walls. Such stencils are available in long strips that can be applied to all walls in room to make continuous pattern. Again, the numbers of designs these are available in are aplenty; but you have to be careful when you apply them on the walls. The stencils should be pasted in straight line so that the design looks neat. Measuring tape and painter’s tape are necessary tools you require when you’re using such bordered   for painting the walls of any room.

By far the easiest way to go about flower stenciling your room is to opt for individual flower wall stencils for painting. They are easy to do, and at the same time not too garish to look at. Mostly available in range of colors, subtle colors suit them best. They are versatile enough to be tried even on your furniture if you so desire. These stencils are easily available in all home improvement stores and are inexpensive, compared to wallpapers and other wall hangings. With simple techniques and innumerable designs, these drastically change the look of the walls and ultimately, the entire house. Finally, these are great for those who really want to add that rich designer element to their house but are not quite sure about whether they want to make big investment in the same.

Large leaf floral stencil Caladium bathroom wall decor

The most popular designs among flower wall stencils are Hawaiian flower stencils, rose stencils, and the hibiscus flower wall stencil. Well, the list doesn’t end here. While most of these designs are applied in girls’ rooms, the more abstract designs can be used in boys’ rooms, in darker, deeper colors or colors based on personal preference. Living rooms, and even bathrooms make beautiful canvases for the beauty these stencils can lend to any interior space.

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Many home improvement stores and manufacturers offer you ready-made flower stencil kits that come with instructions and can easily be applied to walls. Many dealers sell their flower wall painting stencils on-line and at relatively lower price. So get your kit and experience the wondrous effect these flower wall stencils can have on your home.

Flower Wall Stencils