The Latest Trends in Bathrooms 2017-2018

Let’s review the latest trends in bathrooms 2017-2018. Baths that becomes the ideal space of relax after a long day of work.Latest Trends in Bathrooms 2017-2018

Today we are going to talk about the latest trends in bathrooms 2017-2018. If you are thinking of renovating yours or updating it here you will find what are the new ideas that come and with which to get a suitable to live in, as new trends are increasingly focused on making the a place in the That we spend the hours of relax and rest and not just a space of passage at home. The stress that surrounds us forces us to look for moments of relaxation and for ourselves in which to recover strength and the is one of the ideal spaces to achieve it.

Trends in bathrooms 2017-2018

Wood effect surfaces

wood floor bathroomFor some time now we are seeing these types of finishes and day by day gain weight in the world of decoration. And it does not surprise us because the visual result and the touch every day are assimilated more to the real wood, without its inconveniences for bathrooms, kitchens or areas of much traffic. In the bathroom, they add the warmth and beauty of the wood to our floors and walls without having to worry about the humidity as they are waterproof, compact and very resistant. Undoubtedly, one of the trends in bathrooms 2017-2018 essential if you like wood floors but prefer surfaces that require less care. The effect can not be more beautiful and you can find them in a great variety of colors and measures. It is on my list to include it at home as soon as I make reforms.

Relaxation zone

Not all of us have to include a relaxation area in the bathroom with sofas as if it were a real spa. But if you have a large bathroom, it is a luxury that you will surely enjoy in your free time after a hard week of work. Because the bathroom has stopped being a room of passage or limited use to become a central room in which to enjoy also and relax. Who would not love to have a bath like that at home!

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Surely you would steal hours to the clock to be able to take a good bath and relax after stretched on these sofas while you take a time to pamper yourself and take care of you. Most of us will always have the spa, but while we can dream of these images, do not you think?

Pastel colorsbathroom pastel colors

We have already spoken of pastel colors in decoration, have for years with us and look set to stay there because they have gotten a foothold in our home. In these trends in bathrooms 2017-2018 we speak of pale roses, yellow straws, green water, blue sky…. Combined with whites and grays can be perfect also for your bathroom. How in the image that we show you in which also has been used a geometric design to paint of the most original.classic bathroom

Now you will also find all kinds of elements in these colors suitable for your bathroom, from the tiles to the sinks are dyed pastel to give a more bucolic and sweet air to your bathroom. With these trends in bathrooms 2017-2018 we leave the usual monotony of light tones in the bathroom but, without raising the tone excessively, which helps us to remain calm and calm, but without the coldness of total white. Do you like the idea? I love it, I have a weakness for these tones.

Shower trays

bathroom shower trayEvery day more shower trays are imposed in the bathroom. Not only because they occupy less space because every day the showers expand and allow us a greater range of movements, but no one can doubt that they are very practical and functional. The new trends in bathrooms 2017-2018 impose the synthetic materials and new colors and materials to modernize them and renew them without losing their functionality. We find finishes in all types of synthetic or natural materials that will help you to create a customized environment for your shower.

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Another of the trends that are imposed are showers with a rain effect, for a relaxing shower. Beneath it, you will feel refreshed and refreshed. We love it!

Retro style

retro bathtubAnother plus, if you have space are the baths with legs of retro style that every day we see more and that will undoubtedly be the central focus of your bathroom. Not an idea for all bathrooms and less if you do not have a lot of space. The result takes us back several centuries ago when bathtubs were essential in the stately homes, nostalgia of the past or present pleasure? It all depends on whether you are over bath or shower. Although you have to admit that to relax there is nothing like a good bath with hot water and aromatic essences and more if it is in a bathtub so special, do not you think?

Geometric tiles

geometric bathroom tilesWe have been talking about them for a long time but it seems to be one of the trends in bathrooms 2017-2018 that continues to thrive between us. We have already talked about the subway tiles and the hydraulic tiles some time ago and their resurgence with great force in our bathrooms. It seems that its reign follows but also the one of all type of geometric prints for floors and walls in our baths that come to give movement and to remove of the monotony to our baths. Combined with other materials such as wood the result is the most current and contemporary.

Metal accessories

metal bathroom accessoriesMetals are still a trend in bathrooms this 2017-2018. We talked about them in the home accessories… and the bathroom was not going to be different. First, it was the copper that arrived at all sorts of complements sweeping in our homes. And then came the gold, which had long been forgotten and obsolete, which regained prominence. Now both still want to enter our bathroom to occupy a privileged place. Which one do you stay with? Or do you like to combine them?

Wash basin overlapping

wash basin bathroomThey are again booming over wash basins, wash basins that lean directly on the countertop of the bathroom cabinet, so that they stand out and focus all our attention becoming the key piece of the toilet. They are very decorative and we can choose to combine them with any type of worktop, from wood, stone, or directly on the cabinet of lavabo. They bring a special touch to our bathroom that we love.

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Led lights

led bathroom lightsAnother trend in bathrooms 2017-2018 is Led lights. These elements are imposed every day in more spaces of our home, we have dedicated an article for some time or in which we told you all its uses and multiple applications in home decoration. Undoubtedly, the bathroom is a good space where they can look and provide an adequate ambient lighting and, for this reason, we see them more and more in this type of spaces. If you are thinking of renovating your bathroom now is the time to look for a space for them, because you will not regret it. Apart from the important savings in consumption, they suppose and that never goes wrong. The effect they create is very special, do not you think?

And so far some of the latest trends in bathrooms 2017-2018 that we have seen in recent times. You can visit my page on Pinterest to see more photos and ideas with which to inspire if you are thinking of reforming your bathroom. And you with which of these ideas you stay? I long ago decided that I would use imitation wood tiles in the next bathroom remodel because I love them and they are very practical. I would also love to include an exempt bathtub because I confess that I am a lover of the long hot baths, a great way to relax. I look forward as always to your comments and ideas. Happy week.