The Most Popular Types of Bedroom Shelving

A bedroom can be not only a place to rest, but also a functional space thanks to Bedroom Shelving choices.

Bedroom Shelving

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There are many bedroom shelving units to choose from, depending on the type of storage needed, the overall use of the shelving, and the size of the bedroom. Bedroom generally consist of stand- alone book , desktop , wall , closet , bed storage cabinets, and bed shelves.

The easiest way to add storage space to a bedroom design is with stand-alone bedroom shelves, which come in a variety of sizes and wood finishes. These shelves create an additional place to put books, toys, collectibles, music, and even clothes. Bedroom Shelving units are generally considered furniture and can be used against a wall, or added to the top of an existing desk or dresser if floor space is an issue.

Another common way to add storage and functionality to a bedroom is by organizing a closet with bedroom shelving.

This special shelving goes inside existing closets and can be customized to fit the dimensions and the type of items to be stored. From clothing and shoes, to jewelry and accessories, closet Bedroom Shelving can be used to keep these items in place and within easy reach.

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A popular type of shelving is wall shelf units, which can be hung on bedroom walls. These also come in a wide range of styles, finishes, and dimensions to suit any type of bedroom décor or storage need. There are that come as one large shelf, or those that come in individual “floating” shelves or wall boxes, which can be hung in a variety of ways. Some wall shelves for bedrooms hang on metal tracks affixed to the wall so that they are adjustable for users.

Bed storage cabinets also can sit at the bottom of any size bed. These are also sometimes called bed benches or footboard shelving units. Wood types and finishes can be matched to existing bed headboards, , and other items to coordinate the look. The footboard cabinets generally have deep drawers for storing extra blankets, books, and other items needed to make a bedroom environment comfortable.

Additionally, some bedroom shelving ideas are part of bedroom furniture, such as bed headboard shelves. There are also headboard wall units, which incorporate not only modular bedroom shelving, but also storage cabinets and nightstands built all into one piece. These can give a bedroom interior design a lot of storage, but do tend to take up more space overall on a wall of a bedroom. A simple headboard bookshelf may be more suitable for a small bedroom.

Bedroom Shelving

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