The Reasons Why Teak Patio Furniture Is the Best Choice

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The patio, it is where most people prefer to spend time unwinding, sipping lemonade, when at home. For some, it is also an ideal place to catch a short sun bath, away from the beach. But, if your home does not have a patio awning to cover the patio from the vagaries of climate or unless you are used to shifting the furniture back into the rooms post use, it is likely that your patio furniture may be affected badly by the rain, sun, or even snow. To make matters worse further, most of the – if not all – of the patio furniture available in the market are not designed to stand such grueling climatic tests. It’ll work fine under normal conditions, but starts to give away beginning with its first contact with moisture/water. However, teak does not have any such weak qualities. It is strong, tough, and enduring.

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This is also the reason why teak patio furniture is the for your patio.

It is dense, sturdy, and durable, and hence is not easily damaged. Further, make the wood impermeable to elements such as heat, snow, hail, moisture, and even . Finally, it is quite pleasing to the eyes, the basic benchmark for any patio furniture. Further, as opposed to many other wood types, teak does not lose its sheen or splendor with age. Instead, it gets better with every passing year. Brand new teak patio furniture will be golden brown in color, usually complementing any surrounding setting, and as it ages, the wood turns in color, making it even more refined and dignified in appearance.

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With periodical wash with – once in a year preferably – the teak furniture could be preserved to look great forever. Those who prefer to retain the original golden brown color, some light sanding coupled with a light brush-on of teak oil would do. Some teak, however tough it is, may crack as it grows old. But this should not be an issue and selective application of teak oil would keep the wood moisturized and prevents it from cracking any further. Teak is resistant to termites, so no apprehension in that front.

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If there is one aspect that could damage or spoil the beauty of teak patio furniture, it could be an inadvertent spill of juice or wine on it. Such things happen sometimes, but it is important that the spill be wiped off immediately before it creates any stain on the wood. Sand the part of the teak patio furniture lightly until the stain is no longer visible, and then using water and soap solution, clean up the part removing any loose dirt or sanding dust. Once this much is done, let it dry, and then apply a thin coat of teak oil – or a couple of coats – on the cleansed part so as to make it look as good as new. If this creates a contrast in color with the surround wood, extend the oiling to cover the surrounding parts as well.

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To conclude, teak patio furniture is just the right furniture for your patio and a long term investment, given its durability and austere look and feel. And with due diligence, but with minimal effort, it can be maintained to look anew for many years to come.

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