Tips and Ideas to Decorate Black and White Bedroom Designs

Black and white bedroom designs are chic and unique. Read the following paragraph and get some great ideas…

Luxury modern black and white bedroom furniture design ideas

Contrast is something which reflects through our personality. Considering the same fact and using it for , is an excellent thought. It is one of the reasons why black and white bedroom designs are such rage amongst homeowners these days, especially newlyweds and the teenagers. With few simple steps, you can easily get this dramatic and stunning type of home decorating. However, there is always chance of overdoing few things that might spoil the mood of interior decorating. To avoid these things, you can always refer to the following section of the post that deals with ideas and tips to decorate in black and white theme.

Black and White

There are four things that you need to consider for this. They are – walls, furniture, flooring and decorating accessories. All you need to do is to get all these things as per the black and white theme and you will get an attractive bedroom in no time! It is true that you will be working along the black and white theme line, but first of all you need to decide whether you want contemporary, vintage, French country style, or modern style bedroom. This factor definitely affects the selection process of the furniture as well as the bedroom accessories.

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Bedroom Walls

Modern black bedroom design white bed frame furniture ideas

Wall decoration is an integral part of carrying out the perfect bedroom decor. Interestingly, black and white are not the only colors that you can try on your wall, but you can bring in lot of exciting and best room colors like magenta, deep purple, dark red and gold are also excellent choices for your bedroom walls. However, you need to keep an attractive bedroom wall design in mind and take care of the wall color combination that you have chosen (black and white that is!). If you want to stick to black and white, then try to paint one wall with mat black color and the rest in ivory whites. Black color always acts as focal point and hence you need to arrange the rest of the room accordingly. For best results, color the wall behind the bed, in deep black color and the rest of the walls in whites. It well definitely gives defining touch to your bedroom. You can also opt for patterns of abstract designs, nature as well as stripes or collage of black and white color is an excellent idea.

Bedroom Flooring

Modern black and white bedroom design white murphy bed black bedding ideas

There is lot to experiment in the flooring section of black and white bedroom. You can opt for slate flooring that matches with the accent wall of the room or opt for totally contrasting chic white flooring. You can also opt for simple white or black flooring with glazing marble flooring. You can also opt for white polka dots on black flooring or black polka dots on white flooring. Or, you can opt for white or black polished hardwood flooring to get that contemporary as well as modern feel to your bedroom. If you want to be more experimental, then you can opt for the flooring of the same color as the above mentioned wall colors other than black (magenta, deep purple, dark red, dark brown) colors. You can opt for the dark brown flooring an accent wall with the same color. All in all, you need to make sure that you are choosing the flooring, which is coordinating and not overwhelming! Once you are done with the flooring selection, then you need to start hunting down the furniture.

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Bedroom Furniture

Well, it doesn’t take genius to guess that black and white are the key colors in which you need to select the bedroom furniture. Unlike the flooring and walls, you need to opt for bed that has only black or only white color. However, the dressing tables, side tables and study tables can be chosen in perfect combination. For example, you can opt for black color for the left side table and white color for the right side table. This will only reemphasize the elegant black and white bedroom design ideas that you are working on. You can opt for wood furniture that bears sort of antique and arched look, if you are looking for retro or classic type of bedroom. For modern ones though, you need to opt for clean and polished furniture articles that are scratch proof and look quite glossy. Select wardrobes with sliding doors of contrasting colors look stunning as well. You shouldn’t forget about the bedroom door! Make sure it is part of the black and white bedroom design and ideas that you are willing to implement.

Bedroom Accessories

Elegant Bedroom Decoration in Black and White Theme Design

This is my favorite part of , which is to enhance the look of the basic black and white bedroom theme. First of all, start collecting coordinating curtains, bedding, carpet, area rug, wall hangings, painting frames, lamps and lampshades, other light fixtures, tables with black carvings, vases, plates, candles and candle stand, etc. However, make sure that the accessories that you select are in contrast with the background. You can also opt for area rugs, lampshades and flower vases match with the design on the accent wall. This way you will enhance the overall look of the bedroom. There are two things that you need to keep in mind. First of all, make sure that the room gives you relaxed feeling the moment you enter it and secondly, make sure that you do not make the room to appear tacky with loads of accessories. Keep it as subtle as possible, it wills sooth your mind as well as soul.

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Well, these were few black and white bedroom design ideas that you can try for your dwelling, with your own creative contribution. All the best!

Black And White Bedroom