Tips for Choosing the Best Hookless Shower Curtains that Suits Your Bathroom Decor

The best hookless shower curtains will be the one that’s easiest to use, appeals most to you and your décor, and best fits your shower opening and your budget.

hookless shower curtain inspiring pictures

hookless shower curtain

To meet these criteria, you’ll need to spend some time comparing different styles of hookless shower curtains. Consider the colors, patterns, and designs that will complement your existing or help you completely redesign your room. Measure both the height and width of your shower opening, as well as the curtain rod itself if it’s designed to curve out.

Browse the various different styles before you choose your hookless shower curtains.

Hookless Shower Curtains Pictures

Hookless Shower Curtains Pictures

Some of these types of shower curtains, like the tab top shower curtain, are designed with fabric loops that you can easily slide your shower curtain rod through. Others are made with ties, often called tie top shower curtains, meant for you to tie on your curtain rod. Other simple kind of hookless shower curtains are made with holes near the top of the curtain that are usually lined with metal or some other sturdy material and meant for you to weave your curtain rod through.

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hookless polyester printed shower curtain images

hookless polyester printed shower curtain images

Make sure the hookless shower curtains you choose is the right size for your shower opening. When hanging a shower curtain, it should drape low enough to cover the bathtub lip. Some people prefer their shower curtains hang almost or completely to the floor. Make sure the shower curtain is wide enough to stretch the width of the curtain rod. If you have a , measure the rod itself and not the shower opening.

Hookless Shower

Of course, you’ll probably want the color of your hookless shower curtains to correspond to your bathroom’s décor. You might find a curtain that matches or complements the decorations currently in your bathroom. Consider taking samples of your bathroom’s wallpaper or paint, or even pieces of a rug or curtain, to compare as you shop. On the other hand, you might find a curtain that inspires a new look for your bathroom.

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