Tips for Decorating Breakfast Bar That Equipped With Modern Kitchens

If you are looking for ideas to decorate your breakfast bar, you are at the right place.

Modern White and Orange Kitchen Island Breakfast Bar Decoration Images

Modern White and Orange Kitchen Island Breakfast Bar Decoration Images

Breakfast bar is the perfect addition to kitchen. It offers an intimate setting for meal, without the family having to spread out. They are usually found in open-space kitchens, and they add to the dimension of the room. In small home, breakfast bar eliminates the need of dining table, saving on space. For work-from-home professional, the same can double up as workspace, where he or she can place the laptop, spread out the papers, and even have quick bite. It also works great if you have kids. Apart from eating, it can play the role of study table, and you can keep an eye out for them without having to leave the kitchen! So other than just placing fruit basket over the bar, don’t you think you should decorate this much-used place in your kitchen, so that it looks attractive and inviting.

Given below are excellent tips for decorating breakfast bar, so read on!

Purple Kitchen Breakfast Bar Island Decor Designs

If the breakfast bar looks old and has become outdated, it’s time to clean it up. If it’s wooden, you may want to sand and refinish it to get rid of any small indentations in the surface, where food and dust particles can easily get lodged. Give it new lease of life by applying fresh coast of paint which matches your kitchen décor.

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Dining kitchen island decorating breakfast bar wooden chairs gallery

Dining kitchen island decorating breakfast bar wooden chairs gallery

Experiment with stylish and colorful chairs and/or that will complement the look of your kitchen and breakfast bar. Use swiveling and those that can slide in under the breakfast bar for ease of mobility. Depending upon the theme of your kitchen and your , choose what you want to buy. Metallic ones will give contemporary look to the kitchen, whereas wooden will provide an earthy, rustic feel.

A breakfast bar is great place to show off your knickknacks you might have collected over the years. The ones that are unbreakable and easy to clean are better option, especially if you have kids! Your breakfast bar can be designed so it increases the storage space in your kitchen. Cabinets beneath the bar are ideal to store dry food items or cookware.

Lighting is an effective way to smarten up breakfast bar. Make use of branched lighting fixtures, lighting pendants, or affix LED or halogen spotlights in the ceiling. Apart from illuminating the area and making the breakfast bar the of your kitchen, they can also be used as task lights, when you are cooking or cutting veggies.

country kitchen dinner glass vase breakfast bar decor ideas

country kitchen dinner glass vase breakfast bar decor ideas

A food processor, rolling pin, and other kitchen items of daily use can be placed on the breakfast bar, but make sure you don’t clutter up the space. Canisters containing dry spices and breakfast cereals can be arranged attractively over the breakfast bar if you have lot of space. If you have coffee machine, breakfast bar is the best place you can keep it on. Add jars of sugar, creamer, and your favorite coffee flavorings next to it for quick and easy access.

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Isn’t it easy to decorate breakfast bar? Breakfast bars, coupled with kitchen islands are an integral part of kitchens everywhere. Especially with everyone having busy schedules and when families can’t even find time to sit down for meal together, breakfast bar serves the purpose. Think of your own creative ideas and themes to transform your breakfast bar into the most beautiful and inviting place in your home.

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