Tips on How To Create Your Own Airbrush Art Stencils

There are two forms of doing airbrush art stencils.

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One way is that you can use airbrush art stencils or masks to airbrush your artwork on to your project. The other way is that you can freehand the design onto your project without the use of stencils or masks. Most stencils and masks that you purchase are reusable. The stencils are made from different material depending on what the stencil will be used for.

So the best way to deal with having you use airbrush art stencils and reduce costs as well as leaving your creativity open is to create your own stencils.

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If you can trace, you can create your own airbrush art stencils cheaply. All you need to do is find a design that you like and then trace it out onto paper. Make several copies of the design since you will be cutting on them. Also the will get them wet and they can start to tear. You will need to keep the so that you can refer back to it.

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If you want to use a more durable material to create your art stencils you can use the plastic pocket folders. These can be picked up rather cheaply from the store in the office supply section or hit the back to school supplies. You will need an exacted knife to cut your design out. Depending on the size of your stencil you can probably create more than one stencil from this plastic folder.

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The stencil is to aid you in creating your airbrush art and is a big part of the art process. If you have to then practice on a scrap piece of material till you get use to how the and how to properly cut out the areas. This will help to ensure that you create working airbrush art stencils.

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