Transfer Benches: Mobility Devices Used By People with Limited Mobility in Tubs or Showers

One common mobility device used by the disabled is transfer benches, which people with limited mobility use to get in and out of the tub or shower.

Moen Glacier Transfer Bench Features Ideas

Transfer benches usually have four legs with rubber tips to prevent slips, and there are various types of seats available that can slide or swivel. Those who need to use these devices can usually rent a transfer bench from various or humanitarian and disability assistance organizations.

Transfer benches are typically made of with a rust-resistant aluminum metal frame.

Tub transfer bench with swivel seat ideas

The legs of transfer benches are adjustable to compensate for in the tub or shower. Part of the bench goes into the tub, up against the far wall, and the legs are adjusted so the bench is level and not touching the edge of the . The user sits down and slides across, and can then sit on the bench while bathing. Transfer benches may have a on the portion of the bench that sits in the tub, to assist the user in standing and sliding.

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Premium Bath Transfer Bench Gallery

Some models have a sliding seat that allows the user to move the seat instead of the body, which is sometimes easier for people who have trouble shifting their weight. An alternative design combines the slider with a swivel seat so there is no twisting of the spine during the maneuver. Persons with extremely limited mobility will usually need a caregiver’s assistance, so the sliding chair seats help them by reducing the effort needed to move the user into the tub.

Bath Transfer Bench Picture

Bath Transfer Bench Picture

Purchasing good transfer benches can be expensive. Users with limited budgets can sometimes rent them and other useful mobility equipment for a short time from medical supply retailers. If their needs are long-term, a humanitarian or disability assistance organization may be able to help.

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