Useful Considerations when Purchasing the Perfect Pot Racks

Interior designers who recommend designs for always suggest pot racks to save cabinet space, and leave the counter free for cooking purposes.

White kitchen hanging pot rack design

White kitchen hanging pot rack design

Pot racks are basically space saving storage devices used to hang pots, pans, and other utensils. They are made out of different materials like brass, wood, copper chrome, and wrought iron. They are also made in a variety of designs, patterns, shapes, and sizes. Based on the utensils’ , space availability in the kitchen, compatibility to the kitchen color and theme, one can pick up the optimal sized pot rack in the appropriate material.

Pot racks can be purchased either at stores or at kitchen stores, or even from catalogs and online.

Small Hanging Pot Rack Gallery

Pot racks can either be placed leaning against a wall or mounted to the ceiling. Regardless, this pot rack provides a way for the cook to reach his/her utensils faster, and not spend unnecessarily rummaging through and shelves for each item. So, the person buying pot rack should decide which pattern is more suitable to his/her kitchen.

Rectangular hanging pot rack design

Rectangular hanging pot rack design

Pot racks come with some hooks or pegs where pans can be hung. They also have grids that allow plates to be placed one in each grove. Pot rack come with shelving space for storing large pots, where not only pots, but also other large vessels can be stored. Some people even keep small plants in the shelving space.

lavender flowers hanging pot racks kitchen essentials

hanging pot racks kitchen essentials

Apart from being a space saver, pot racks have some other practical purposes. The main one being that some of the pans are made of Teflon or similar material for which scratches are detrimental. If one were to stack them one over the other in a traditional kitchen storage space, the Teflon coating might get scratched, and the vessel might become obsolete.

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