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: It is sometimes quite useful to lift a bed frame higher off the ground, either to create storage space beneath the bed or to facilitate easier movement into and out of the bed. Several types of bed frame riser exist, and some are designed for use with specific types of frames, so before you choose any for your bed, be sure to find out if the manufacturer of your frame sells any risers specific to your frame type. If they do not, it is a good idea to visit a bedding store to see what options exist for bed frame riser.

Bed Frame Risers

Slipstick 5 inch Bed Frame Riser Images

Some can be exceptionally heavy; in which case the Bed Frame Risers used to support this frame will need to be heavy duty.

Plastic risers should therefore be avoided, as plastic tends to be fairly brittle when loaded down. Metal or wood Bed Frame Risers are better options for heavy frames. Various types exist, so it may be a good idea to do some research to find the ones that are most . Try to find risers that will have some method for securing the bed frame in place so the frame will not slide off the risers, potentially leading to injury or damage.

Plastic Bed Frame Risers are perhaps the least expensive option.

They are suitable for smaller, lighter bed frames, and they can help prevent scratching or pitting of . The height of the riser will dictate how high off the ground the frame will be lifted, so be sure to consider various heights to figure out which risers will work best for your needs. Steel risers often work in conjunction with collapsible steel frames, and some are even adjustable so you can change the height of the bed at any given time. Try to choose adjustable risers with either casters on the ends or plates to prevent scratching of as well as excess movement of the frame.

Some types of wood or plastic bed frame risers are stackable and interlocking. This means it is possible to stack several risers to create the perfect height for your purposes without risking the blocks slipping out of place and potentially causing damage or injury. If aesthetics are not important and low cost is a priority, it is possible to simply buy small or blocks of wood that can be propped under the bed frame legs. Be careful, however, as these methods can lead to floor scratching and instability of the frame.

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Queen Bed Frame Medical Bed Risers

Wooden bed frame Bed Risers from EasyRisers

Bed Frame Risers

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