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Bubble chairs are a chair in the shape of a bubble which is suspended from the ceiling.

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pretty women in

This chair is an icon of 1960s design, and it has appeared on numerous magazine covers around the world, with and without occupants. Bubble chairs continue to be widely used in interior design, in schemes which are meant to evoke the 1960s along with more modern design schemes which utilize futuristic elements from previous eras.

The predecessor to the bubble chairs was the ball chair, an Aarnio piece introduced in 1966.

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One thing which makes the bubble chairs interesting is that it literally upends traditional design. It is suspended from the ceiling with the use of a chain attached to the chair, rather than being supported from the floor. Because the chair is suspended from a chain, it also rotates and moves once someone is inside, creating a very different experience from a traditional chair.

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and bubble chair gallery

This chair design is intriguing, because it isolates the sitter while simultaneously putting him or her in touch with the surrounding environment. The acoustics inside the chair are excellent, leading some interior designers to establish bubble chairs for auditory privacy in places like libraries, and the somewhat exhibitionist design has made the chair popular in environments where people are encouraged to interact with the space around them.

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in bubble chair models

Numerous companies manufacture bubble chairs, including officially licensed versions and close mimics of the original bubble chair. It is advisable to get an experienced contractor to install the suspension for the bubble chair to confirm that it is safely anchored.

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Bubble Chairs