Useful Information to Help You Understand about Screen Houses

are structure with walls made from screens and a shade canopy as a roof.

Amazing Architecture Screen House Design

Amazing Architecture Screen House Design

These structures are designed to keep out insects and to provide shade, creating a shelter which allows people to enjoy the outside world without exposing themselves to insect bites or strong sun. Screen houses are designed for summer use in many climates, or year round use in the tropics, and they can be utilized in a wide variety of settings.

One of the classic uses of screen houses is in camping, where portable screen house can be used as a tent in warm climates which stay warm at night.

People also use screen houses for outdoor entertaining and recreation in the summer months, in which case the screen house may be large so that it can comfortably accommodate a crowd. These structures may also be more heavy and permanent, with features like canvas instead of nylon roofing, and heavy construction materials which will help the screen house resist wind.

Lodge Home Screen House Design

Lodge Home Screen House Design

Many outdoor supply and camping stores carry screen houses which have been designed for camping, along with accessories such as clip on awnings and ground covers. For screen houses which will be used for entertaining, home supply and hardware stores can be a good source. It is also possible to build a structure to custom specifications, with a gazebo being an excellent framework for screening to create a shelter for outdoor entertaining.

Elegant screen house inspiration design

Elegant screen house design

Screen houses which will be installed in fixed locations like a over the summer don’t need to be as portable, but they should be designed in a way which to break them down and store them through the winter months, when the structure could be damaged if it is left outside. Residents of the tropics may opt for a more solid structure which can easily be reconfigured or repaired so that it will last through years of use.

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