Useful Knowledge about the Factors to Consider when Buying Teak Bar Stools

When it comes for shopping the best teak bar stools, you can look of what you want.

Unfinished outdoor teak bar stool gallery

Rustic looking teak bar stools are very suitable for outside bars used for outdoor entertaining. Some teak bar stools are more polished and modern looking and these work well with contemporary decors in indoor . A teak bar stool may have a back or it may be backless, so this is another style consideration when selecting bar stools made from teak wood.

You may find the teak bar stools with backs the most comfortable if you’re going to be using the bar stool daily, such as at a counter.

Teak Wood Folding Bar and Bar Stool Set Images

Teak Wood Folding Bar and Bar Stool Set Images

Elegant indoor teak bar stools may have a curved backrest accented with stainless steel or . The bottom of these stools may also be made of metal. Most types of teak bar stools don’t have seats that swivel or turn, so if you’re looking for a seat that turns around, teak bars stool may not be the best choice. An elegant style of teak bar stool may have legs that look like two hollow rectangles with a seat that may be round and polished, while natural looking teak bar stool may have thick, post-like legs and a seat that is a crosscut section of a wooden stump.

Teak Bar Stool Patio Furniture Design

Teak Bar Stool Design

For backyard entertaining, rustic looking teak bar stools may be the best choice. These types of bar stools not only tend to fit in with tropical or other outdoor settings, but are made so that scratches or dents only add to the rustic charm. When entertaining outdoors around a pool or other activity area such as a , furniture made to handle outdoor living is a must and rustic teak tends to stand up well in these settings.

Poolside teak bar stool and table design

Poolside teak bar stool and table design

For a smaller, more urban outdoor area such as the balcony of a city apartment building, a sleeker more modern style of teak bar stool would be a good choice. A teak patio table big enough for two bar stools should fit even the smallest balcony, while larger patios may fit bar stools plus a teak bar as well. Teak bars usually have a raised counter area so that teak bar stools can fit underneath. The inside portion of the bar may have a built-in ice bucket on one side and work space on the other plus various drawers and shelves.

Teak Bar Stools

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